Why Study in the UK? Education System in the UK

If books, grand architecture, great public spaces, and breathtaking libraries bring you joy, traveling to the United Kingdom should be on the center stage of your study abroad plans.

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Swinburne introduces scholarships for international students


The Swinburne University of Technology in Melbourne has introduced three new beneficial scholarships for international students. From fee reduction to refund policies, these new scholarships are inclusive of solutions to solve most of the hardships that the students may come across during this academic year.

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Best Courses to Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is emerging as one of the most desired study destinations among international students looking forward to studying abroad. According to UNESCO, New Zealand is the preferred study destination after the United Kingdom, United States of America and Australia.

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9 Things You Should Know Before Studying in the UK

As a top destination for education, the United Kingdom offers world-class qualification with a modern learning environment.

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Tips for IELTS Test Preparation

Staying at home is an absolute necessity with the ongoing pandemic, but we know how tiring and boring it can get! This is the time to brush up your skills and turn your studying abroad dream into a reality.

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Study abroad packing list

Taking up new roles and drafting a new plan for life is exciting, refreshing, and extremely challenging. We are glad that you have finally decided to begin your study abroad journey.

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New Beneficial Scholarships for International Students - USQ

The University of Southern Queensland has introduced valuable scholarships for international students to help them achieve their study goals. The scholarships are based on meeting the entry requirements for the programs of study and successfully passing all courses within the program.

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Top benefits of studying abroad

Studying Archeology in Rio while enjoying locally brewed coffee every day. Interning at a leading media firm amidst the bustle in New York. Being mentored and shaped under the best lawyers in London. Ideating new App concepts with your peers while studying information technology in Perth.

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Top 10 Benefits of Studying Abroad

Setting out on an educational journey overseas presents a unique chance to delve into various cultural experiences and broaden one's worldview. This adventure extends past classroom education, offering a special opportunity to traverse unfamiliar landscapes, grasp diverse cultural practices, and interact with a multitude of traditions. It's more th...

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Top 10 Things to Know Before Studying in Australia

The minute this thought flashes your mind, you are faced with hundreds of countries you can explore and thousands of programs and universities you can be a part of. But, how do you find the best fit for you?

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Top 10 Best Cities to Study in the UK

For years and years, the United Kingdom has attracted international students with its legendary history of universities and reputed educational institutions. Apart from the quality of education and the university atmosphere, the grand architecture of the colleges, and the incredible places to visit, the United Kingdom is sure to make your study abroad journey worthwhile.

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Meet us Online Assistance

Scrolling through your phone looking for assistance? Wondering who can help you accomplish your study abroad dreams amidst this pandemic?

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5 Reasons to study PhD in Australia

Students across the world these days are quite passionate about research. Many of them pursue a Ph.D. as they want to learn and research about a particular subject and make significant impressions within that field.

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Best medical schools in the UK for international students

Have you ever wondered what made the United Kingdom stand out amongst the umpteen number of study abroad options? We’ll tell you why.

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Top 10 Best Business Schools in the UK

Haven't we been fascinated by urban cities and crystal blue waters when we read our storybooks? Medieval Stone houses, cathedrals, and the traditional English towns are known to us through novels. But how about we see them for real?

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Top 8 Best Universities in New Zealand


Imagine living and studying abroad in a country with the most diverse landscape nature has to offer. Surfing along golden beaches or trekking on snow-capped mountains could become a regular activity. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

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Raih Cita Cita Keliling Dunia bersama Holmesglen Institute!

Didirikan pada tahun 1982, Holmesglen Institute adalah salah satu penyedia kursus pelatihan kejuruan terbesar di Victoria, Australia. Di Holmesglen, kamu akan mempelajari sangat banyak ilmu praktikal yang bisa langsung kamu terapkan saat menjalani karirmu di masa depan.

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Ingin Bekerja di Industri Perhotelan? Blue Mountains Adalah Sekolah yang Tepat Untukmu!

Sekolah Manajemen Hotel Internasional Blue Mountains (BMIHMS) di Universitas Torrens, adalah sekolah hotel terkemuka, menduduki peringkat satu sekolah perhotelan di Australia dan Asia Pasifik.

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Nikmati Kuliah di Kampus Tercanggih di University of Technology Sydney

University of Technology Sydney adalah Universitas yang menduduki peringkat pertama universitas muda dibawah 50 tahun. Meski usianya yang masih tergolong muda, UTS sudah memiliki jumlah murid sebesar 45,000, yang membuat mereka salah satu universitas terbesar di Australia.

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Kaplan International Pathways, Tidak Yakin Telah Memenuhi Syarat Untuk Ke Universitas Pilihanmu?

Kaplan International Pathways didirikan pada tahun 1938 oleh Stanley Kaplan. Alasan berdirinya Kaplan pun terinspirasi langsung dari kisah hidup Stanley Kaplan sendiri. Pada waktu beliau ingin mendaftarkan diri ke sekolah medis yang telah menjadi impiannya, aplikasi Stanley ditolak dengan alasan quota etnik yang sudah penuh.

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