What is PTE exam?

Pearson Tests of English (PTE) Academic is an English language test for international study and immigration. The PTE exam has two categories:
1) PTE Academic
2) PTE Home

Why take the PTE Academic Exam?

PTE Academic is a fully computerized, online English language test for international education and immigration purposes. This test is powered by AI technology and unlike the conventional grading system, the PTE grading is completely objective and free from human biases.

PTE Exam

Types of PTE exam

There are two categories under the PTE Academic exam:

  • PTE Academic Exam
  • PTE Academic UKVI

PTE Academic Exam: PTEAcademic assesses the candidates' skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing. The entire duration of the test lasts up to 3 hours. This test is accepted by over a thousand universities around the globe, including Harvard Business School, INSEAD and Yale. In Australia and New Zealand, PTE Academic is accepted even for visa purposes.

PTE Academic UKVI: The PTE Academic UKVI is specific to the UK. This is a Secure English Language Test (SELT) to be eligible for UK visas. Anyone who wishes to work, study or live in the UK can take up this test.

PTE Test Centres in Indonesia

SN PTE Test Centers in Indonesia PTE Test Center Address
1 Universitas Tanjungpura Jl. Prof. Dr, H. Hadari Nawawi
Pontianak, West Kalimantan 78124, Indonesia
2 KELT Graha Famili Timur I/i-63 Graha Famili Surabaya - East Java 60211 Indonesia
3 IALF Plaza Kuningan, Menara Selatan Lt. 3 Jalan HR Rasuna Said Kav C 11-14 Jakarta, DKI 12940

PTE Test Dates 2023 Indonesia

PTE Test Dates Jakarta
PTE Exam Date Module PTE Exam Venue
29-04-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
03-05-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
06-05-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
10-05-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
13-05-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
17-05-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
20-05-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
24-05-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
27-05-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
31-05-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
03-06-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
07-06-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
10-06-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
14-06-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
17-06-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
21-06-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
24-06-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
28-06-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
01-07-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
05-07-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
08-07-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
12-07-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
15-07-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
22-07-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
26-07-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
29-07-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
02-08-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
05-08-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
09-08-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
12-08-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
16-08-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
19-08-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
23-08-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
26-08-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
30-08-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
02-09-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
06-09-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
09-09-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
13-09-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
16-09-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
20-09-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
23-09-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
27-09-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
30-09-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
04-10-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
07-10-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
11-10-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
14-10-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
18-10-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
21-10-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
25-10-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
28-10-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
01-11-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
04-11-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
08-11-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
11-11-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
15-11-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
18-11-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
22-11-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
25-11-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
29-11-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
02-12-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
06-12-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
09-12-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
13-12-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
16-12-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
20-12-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
23-12-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
27-12-2023 PTE-Academic IALF
30-12-2023 PTE-Academic IALF

PTE Exam Fees in Indonesia

PTE Exam Fees Price
PTE Academic $195 USD
UK Visa and Citizenship tests price
PTE Academic UKVI $195 USD
PTE Home A1 $165 USD
PTE Home A2 $165 USD
PTE Home B1 $165 USD

PTE Exam Cancellation fees

  • If a candidate is unable to take up the examination on the scheduled date, they are eligible for a full refund if they cancel the test 14 calendar days before their test date.
  • If the candidate cancels their registration 7 calendar days before the actual test date, they will receive 50% of the fee. 
  • No refunds will be provided to those candidates who cancel their test registration less than 7 calendar days before the exam.

PTE Exam Rescheduling Fees

  • Candidates who reschedule their test date 14 calendar dates before their actual test date will not be charged any additional charges for the new test date.
  • Candidates who reschedule the test 13-8 calendar dates before the actual test date will have to pay 50% of the rescheduling fee for the new test date.
  • Candidates who reschedule the exam date less than 7 calendar dates before the actual test date must have to pay the full fee for a new test date.

How to Reschedule the PTE Exam?

To reschedule a Pearson test:
  • Open the website - www.pearsonpte.com
  • Log in to the My PTE account
  • Click on the Reschedule or Cancel option

PTE Exam Booking

PTE Account Registration and PTE Exam Registration

Steps to register for the PTE exam:

  • Open a web account on the official PTE Academic Website or log in to a previously created account.
  • Once you create an account, fill in all the details carefully, including your passport details.
  • Next, you can choose the test centre, date and time that is convenient for you.
  • You can proceed with the payment after filling in all the details.
  • You will receive an acknowledgment receipt once the payment is made.

PTE vs IELTS: Which is more difficult?

Both IELTS and PTE are considered to be of the same difficulty level. The PTE exam can be taken only online, but the IELTS exam can be taken online and offline.

PTE Academic Exam Highlights

Exam Name - PTE Exam 

PTE Full-Form - Pearson Test of English

Types of PTE Exam

The PTE exam has two categories:

  1. PTE Academic
  2. PTE Home

What is the PTE exam for?

Pearson Tests of English (PTE) Academic is an English language test for study abroad and immigration. 

In which countries is the PTE certification accepted?

PTE is widely accepted in countries such as Australia, the USA, the UK, Ireland, Singapore, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain and Italy.

PTE Exam Format

PTE Academic test format has three components:

Part 1: Speaking & Writing

Part 2: Reading

Part 3: Listening

Who conducts PTE?

The PTE exam is conducted by the Pearson VUE (Virtual User Environment). 

What is the official website for PTE? 


How much does the PTE Exam Fee cost?

The PTE exam fee is USD 170 + 15%tax and bank charge.


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