What is ETS TOEFL Exam?

TOEFL full form - Test of English as a Foreign Language.

ETS TOEFL exam is a globally accepted, standardised English language test to examine international students’ English proficiency in Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing as the English Language Test score plays a vital role in the overseas education admission process. The TOEFL test score is accepted in over 150 countries, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United States and the United Kingdom.
Since its inception in 1964, the ETS TOEFL test’s curriculum and test methods have matched universities and institutions’ expectations. The recent revision was in 2005, and the test is renamed the TOEFL iBT test. The test now comprises tasks that test if the candidate’s Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking skills meet the demands of top-notch academic environments today. 

TOEFL Exam Details

Types of ETS TOEFL Exam:

The ETS TOEFL conducts the English proficiency exam in two modes. i.e.) Internet based exam (TOEFL iBT) and paper delivered exam (TOEFL PBT).

  • ETS TOEFL – iBT Test
The TOEFL-iBT test is the most preferred type, with over 90% of students attempting the test in this internet based format. The TOEFL-iBT test comprises 4 sections, which are: speaking, listening, writing and reading. Students are asked to take up all the sections on a computer equipped with a microphone and camera. Since the iBT test pattern doesn’t have a separate section to examine candidates’ grammar knowledge, the writing section is monitored in detail. 
The TOEFL PBT is a paper-based English language test. Students who are not in proximity to internet-based test centres can take up this test. The TOEFL PBT test format is quite different from that of iBT as it also contains a separate essay section. The listening section in the PBT has recordings that are shorter than the IBT’s.

Why choose the ETS TOEFL Exam?

Students can book an online TOEFL test from all parts of the world and find exam centres in their respective countries. Since there are 50 ETS TOEFL iBT test dates in a year, students can choose a convenient schedule.  The test results are out in about 10-15 days. The TOEFL test assesses students’ English proficiency on a detailed scale; the speaking test is examined by 3 to 4 proctors.

What is ETS TOEFL login?

The ETS TOEFL login is the portal to register for the TOEFL iBT Exam. Students can use their login credential for the following purposes:
  • Reschedule, cancel or view your registration.
  • View or apply for an approved testing venue.
  • Download or view TOEFL scores.
  • To update information such as your contact number or email.

How to register for TOEFL exam by ETS account?

  • Sign-up on the official ETS website. 
  • Make sure to enter the name as it is in the identification document to be produced on the day of the TOEFL test.
  • After submitting all the necessary information and creating a profile, you will receive a confirmation email.
  • Log in using the password and click on the ‘Register for a Test’ button.
  • Choose a test date and centre. 
  • Complete the TOEFL registration process.
Note- You can register online even 15 days prior to a test date.

How to register for TOEFL by mail?

  • Go to ETS official site and download the TOEFL Registration Form.
  • Fill in the form with either blue or black ink pen.
  • Mail the form to the address mentioned on the registration form along with the payment.
  • Submit the form at least 4 weeks prior to the test date
  • Receive the confirmation email.

How to register for TOEFL by phone?

  • Directly call the TOEFL Regional Registration Center to register and take up the test.
  • Students registering through phone must register at least 7 days prior to the test date. 
  • The registration fee can be processed through a debit or credit card.

Note: Registration can be done through ETS Account only 

TOEFL Test Centres in Indonesia

TOEFL Test Centres in Jakarta TOEFL Test Centre Address
PT International Test Center - Direct English Jalan Raya Boulevard Barat No. 1, Ruko Mall Of Indonesia (moi), Blok B11a - B11b,
Kelapa Gading - North Jakarta, 14240 Indonesia
Cornell Language Center Jl. Raya Manyar, Pantai Indah Kapuk, Rukan Manyar Block C / No. 8, Jakarta Utara, Indonesia
ACE Education Rukan Manyar Blok C / No. 12 , Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara, 14460 Indonesia
PT International Test Center Plaza Sentral 17th Floor , Ji. Jenderal Sudirman Kav. 47, Phone: +62 21 5711943,
Jakarta, 12930 Indonesia
IIEF - Indonesia International Education Foundation Menara Imperium 28th Floor Suite B,
Jakarta, 12980 Indonesia
PT ITC - SUN Education Ruko Perkantoran Pluit Village, 14 Jl. Pluit Permai Rt.15, Rw.4 Pluit, Penjaringan, Jakarta Utara
Penjaringan, Utara, 14450 Indonesia
Parahyangan Catholic University Jl. Ciumbuleuit 94, Web: Home.unpar.ac.id/~ppb/php/index.php,
Bandung, 40141 Indonesia
Vista International Programs (Bandung) Ruko Hyper Square A-30, Jl. Pasir Kaliki 25 -27,
Bandung, 40181 Indonesia

TOEFL Test Dates in Indonesia 2023

TOEFL Test Dates in Jakarta 2023

TOEFL Test Dates in Jakarta 2023
TOEFL Test Dates in Jakarta Day
06-05-2023 Saturday
10-05-2023 Sunday
13-05-2023 Monday
20-05-2023 Tuesday
31-05-2023 Wednesday
03-06-2023 Thursday
04-06-2023 Friday
10-06-2023 Saturday
14-06-2023 Sunday
24-06-2023 Monday
28-06-2023 Tuesday
08-07-2023 Wednesday
09-07-2023 Thursday
12-07-2023 Friday
15-07-2023 Saturday
22-07-2023 Sunday
23-07-2023 Monday
26-07-2023 Tuesday
05-08-2023 Wednesday
09-08-2023 Thursday
19-08-2023 Friday
23-08-2023 Saturday
26-08-2023 Sunday
27-08-2023 Monday
06-09-2023 Tuesday
09-09-2023 Wednesday
10-09-2023 Thursday
16-09-2023 Friday
17-09-2023 Saturday
20-09-2023 Sunday
23-09-2023 Monday
24-09-2023 Tuesday

TOEFL Test Dates in Surabaya 2023

TOEFL Test Dates in Surabaya 2023
TOEFL Test Dates in Surabaya Day
06-05-2023 Saturday
10-05-2023 Wednesday
13-05-2023 Saturday
20-05-2023 Saturday
03-06-2023 Saturday
04-06-2023 Sunday
10-06-2023 Saturday
14-06-2023 Wednesday
24-06-2023 Saturday
28-06-2023 Wednesday
08-07-2023 Saturday
09-07-2023 Sunday
12-07-2023 Wednesday
15-07-2023 Saturday
22-07-2023 Saturday
05-08-2023 Saturday
09-08-2023 Wednesday
19-08-2023 Saturday
23-08-2023 Wednesday
26-08-2023 Saturday
06-09-2023 Wednesday
09-09-2023 Saturday
10-09-2023 Sunday
16-09-2023 Saturday
23-09-2023 Saturday

ETS TOEFL Exam Fees in Indonesia

Late registration US$40
Registration US$205
Rescheduling US$60
Reinstatement of cancelled scores US$20
Additional score reports (per institution or agency) US$20 each
Speaking or Writing Section score review US$80
Speaking and Writing Section score review US$160
Returned payment US$20

What is TOEFL Scholarship?

The ETS TOEFL scholarship is offered every year to aid students wishing to study overseas at a university or college listed in the TOEFL Directory (Over 8,750 institutions across 120+ countries). Students who have taken up the TOEFL test and received their test scores can apply for the TOEFL scholarship.

Detailed Information on TOEFL Exam

Exam Name TOEFL
TOEFL Full Form Test of English as a Foreign Language.
What is TOEFL Exam? A standardised English language proficiency test.
TOEFL accepted countries Accepted by over 150 countries.
TOEFL Exam Format TOEFL iBT & TOEFL Paper-based test
Who conducts TOEFL? Educational Testing Service (ETS)
Official Website TOEFL IBT Register
TOEFL Score Range Up to 120
TOEFL Scholarship Yes

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