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7 Reasons to Attend Global Education Expo 2020

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With graduation day approaching, it is time to set the ball rolling for a new chapter in your life. Global Education Expo 2020 is a platform for providing opportunities to students to interact with representatives from universities across the world.

With this opportunity, you can gain an understanding of the different courses available, attain clarity on which one is the best for you and also, which university suits your preferences.

Queries about Visa and Application processes, the overall educational expenditure and scholarships pertaining to your preferred study destination can be addressed as well.


Jakarta, get excited! AECC Global brings you Global Education Expo 2020 on Feb 23rd!

If you have not given a thought about your study abroad prospects, well, it’s never too late! If you already have, then we are here to help you take the right step forward.

Countries like Australia, U.S.A, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore are teeming with students who like you are now establishing themselves.

However, we understand you may have questions like; what happens once you graduate? What about finance? Which university is the best choice? And so on.

Attend the Global Education Expo 2020 and find the clarity you are looking for.

Why Attend Global Education Expo 2020?

Let’s face it. Studying abroad is not cheap, neither is it easy to decide upon. It takes a lot of time and consideration. AECC Global ensures that you choose the best of the best.

Here are some reasons why Global Education Expo 2020 is the answer to your study abroad dreams:

1. Expert Career Counseling: Chances are you are not clear about what courses would suit your career goals the best. Leave it to the panel of experts who will help you set your mind upon a career goal. Your queries regarding destination’s visa application process and financial requirements will be addressed as well.
2. Meet University Representatives: If you cannot make up your mind about which university to choose, this is your chance to meet, ask and decide. You will be able to directly meet representatives from high-rank universities and gain a proper perspective on your choices.
3. On-spot Profile Assessment: Why wait, when you can get it done on the spot? Get your applications processed faster than expected! Gather necessary information regarding Programs, Cost, Admission process, Student Visa, Placements and more.
4. Application Fee Waivers: Generally, the university application fee ranges from Rs.2000 to Rs.6000. However, it differs from country to country and university to university. At the event, you’ll get on-spot application fee waivers from the participating universities.
5. Avail Scholarships*: Nothing’s more exciting than scholarships! Apply for merit-based scholarships and bursaries offered by the universities and colleges, including up to 100% tuition fee waivers.
6. Information on Accommodation, Insurance, Forex, and Education Loan: Matters on the living expenses, education fees, and financial aid availability will also be clarified by our experts to guide you in the right direction.
7. Employment Opportunities: This is important. So make sure to get it all checked! Find out what the current status is on work permits, internships, and post-graduation jobs in destinations, including the U.S.A, U.K, Australia, Canada, etc.

*Conditions apply

We’re pretty sure, you’ve already begun planning your future while reading this!

Come to GEE2020 with your family and friends. It’s free.

We assure you a never seen before educational experience and all the clarity you need for making your study abroad dreams a reality.

For on-spot applications, do not forget to bring in your original academic documents and English Proficiency Test Scores.

Take the leap towards your career goals. It’s time to ‘OWN YOUR FUTURE’.

AECC Global is going to be with you every step of the way.

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