Best MBA Courses In The UK

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MBA has been the buzzword throughout the world for quite some time now. With new trends and demands emerging at every turn, universities and business schools have introduced more unique specialisations and course options to international students and professionals who aspire to further their careers in their chosen field.

Well, this being said, it’s safe to assume there’s no better destination than the United Kingdom to help you set fire to your future business aspirations. So let's find the best MBA courses in the UK.

Universities in the UK aren’t just visual wonders but also ranked among the top 10 best global universities by the QS World Ranking 2020. 

With so many options available out there to study Management in the UK, it can be confusing. But fret not, as we are here to help! Considering your queries, we have carefully evaluated and compiled a list of the best MBA courses in the UK to choose from and pursue.

MBA in Finance

With new businesses and industries emerging globally, the need for finance roles has also increased exponentially. When you pursue an MBA in Finance one of the best MBA courses in the UK, career opportunities in banking, real estate, hospitality, and so many more open up to you. And during the course, you learn and specialise in various fields such as investment banking, corporate finance, capital markets, and plenty of other important aspects. 

As an MBA graduate in finance, you can make an average of £58,633. The best part is that an MBA in Finance is one of the most sought-after MBA courses in the UK. 

With regard to the admission and fees, UK Universities require students to have completed their undergraduate degree with an aggregated score of 60% and a GMAT score of at least 630 or above. Pursuing a degree MBA in finance from some of the best universities starts at £24,000 as a tuition fee. Living expenses vary as per the needs and requirements of the students.

MBA in Marketing

Pursuing an MBA in Marketing the best MBA courses in the UK is a smart decision in today’s age. There is a dire need for marketing professionals worldwide, and having this degree enhances job opportunities for those who can market products and services flawlessly. Marketing has a substantial amount of potential to scale and improves an organisation’s market value many folds. An MBA in Marketing opens up job opportunities in several managerial roles, including - Sales, Product, and Brand. MBA Marketing graduates can also apply for research analyst positions. 

As a graduate in MBA Marketing, you can make £58,744. To enroll in some of the best universities offering an MBA in Marketing, students need a minimum score of 650 in GMAT and an undergraduate degree. The tuition fees for MBA in marketing start at £36,000. A few other expenses would include student travel and accommodation. 

MBA in Information Systems

In the growing digital world, the MBA Information Systems course has gained popularity owing to ample career opportunities. As an international student completing an MBA in Information Systems, you can work as an IT Architect, Data Processing Manager, and Chief Information Manager. Graduates of MBA Information Systems can make an average of £66,000. 

Students aspiring to pursue Information Systems as a career, need to possess an undergraduate degree in science and a computer-related discipline along with a minimum score of 630 in GMAT. The fees for MBA Information Systems start at £22,500 in the UK, excluding travel, food, and accommodation.

MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Businesses and Startups are the foundations of any economy. With many students and professionals turning towards businesses and startups of their own, there is a very high demand for people who can help manage and scale the business effectively and efficiently. If you are a student keen on pursuing a business on your own, an MBA in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is a great choice and it is one of the best MBA courses in the UK. Some of the most popular job profiles for graduates include Business Consultants and Management Analysts. On average, you can earn £98,453 a year. 

To enroll in the program, students need to have an undergraduate degree in commerce or management and a minimum score of 630 on the GMAT test. The tuition fees in top universities start at £24,000.

MBA in International Business

International Business is a new stream for MBA aspirants. Companies wanting to expand their global footprint, require candidates who understand global trends and can work with cross-culture strategies. This premium course is offered by only some top universities in the UK but has gained popularity lately. Graduates of MBA International Business can work as Investment Managers, Import and Export Agents, International Trade and Customs Managers among others. With an MBA in International Business, you can earn an average minimum of £53,773 in salary. 

To join one of the top universities in the UK, students need an undergraduate degree in business management or a related field and a minimum score of 630 in GMAT. The tuition fees for MBA International Business start at £22,500 - which is a well worth investment if you are looking for opportunities to work internationally alongside different cultures and people.

MBA in Project Management

MBA in Project Management has been around for a very long time and still in demand globally. Project Management professionals are sought after for their leadership and problem-solving skills globally. As a project management graduate, you can apply for roles including project manager and project management consultant with an average salary of £47,500. This course also trains you to become decisive and strategic in real time to plan and implement strategies.

To enroll in the project management one of the best MBA courses in the UK, international students require an undergraduate degree and a GMAT score of 630. Tuition fees for this course start at £23,500. Upon successful completion, you can apply for jobs all around the world in any industry of your choice. 

MBA in Healthcare

This is a relatively new stream in MBA degrees and is popularly offered as an executive MBA. This is most useful for people working in the healthcare industry. By pursuing this course, you gain insights and skills to apply real-time in a healthcare establishment. Some of the most popular roles for people specialising in healthcare include healthcare executives, healthcare managers, and hospital managers, and the average salary for these roles is £44,300. 

The tuition fee for this course starts at around £10,000. The admission process also requires students to have a minimum of 550 GMAT scores. 

So, are you all set to pursue an MBA course in the UK? We hope reading the above-mentioned information helps you find your calling!

If you’re still confused to find best MBA courses in the UK, we’re here to help! Connect with our expert consultants to know more about the application process and scholarships to study MBA courses in the UK.

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