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How to Study with Navitas - Explore Global Options


Navitas, a leading global education provider, offers a diverse range of programs and pathways for students around the world. Navitas partners with universities and colleges to offer preparatory courses and language instruction for international students. Their unique approach blends academic rigor with practical skills, ensuring that students are n...

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Top 12 Benefits of Studying in Canada


Canada's commitment to global education is deeply ingrained in its approach to international students. In today's interconnected world, Canada has made significant strides in fostering an environment that values international education. The country understands the transformative power of education and its role in promoting understanding, peace, and...

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PR Courses in Canada for International Students


What does it mean to be a Permanent Resident in Canada? When you get Permanent Residency to work and make a living in Canada, you get all the benefits and perks of being a Canadian citizen. You get to study and experience personal and professional growth in one of the most multicultural and inclusive destinations in the world. There's no shortcut t...

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Data Science – The Most Popular Course Choice Among Students?


It's been a crazy time for the world's economy - pandemic to the looming recession, the future of the world is hanging by a thin thread. Difficult times have led to difficult decisions, with companies across the world temporarily suspending hiring and laying-off manpower. Nevertheless, if there is one sector that has withstood these changing times ...

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Hot Topic Alert! Top Deakin University Scholarships for International Students in 2023


Scholarships are a blessing for international students desirous of pursuing education abroad. From a beginner-level bachelor's to a research-intensive PhD, scholarships make the cost of studying abroad manageable. With the growing affinity towards pursuing education abroad, international universities and study destinations promote higher education ...

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Best PhD scholarships at the University of Galway For International students


When you think of studying abroad and your mind automatically starts hoping for scholarships, doesn't it? Scholarships are a blessing for international students desirous of pursuing education abroad. From a beginner-level bachelor's to a research-intensive PhD, scholarships make the cost of studying abroad manageable. Ireland is among the top desti...

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Top PTE Accepting Universities in Australia


The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is one of the most popular English Proficiency tests that evaluate English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in a single, short test. Available both in physical and online mode, the PTE test is frequently-conducted, time-saving and widely accepted, making it one of the top English Language Proficienc...

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Five Vital Reasons to Study Abroad in Melbourne, Australia


Summer or Spring, Autumn or Winter, Melbourne has the perfect instagrammable weather all year-round. The coastal capital city is all about good vibes and happiness, making its inhabitants enjoy basking in the sun just as much as they enjoy sipping hot cocoa during winter. Who wouldn't want to see Melbourne? Consistently rated as one of the best stu...

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Expert Tips to Nail A Winning Statement of Purpose


Let's start by addressing the elephant in the room - What's the ado about writing a perfect Statement of Purpose (SOP) and what does it entail? Why do universities prefer applications with well-written SOPs over others and what makes your SOP attractive to universities? These questions might have haunted some of you while applying to universities a...

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Studying Abroad or Studying Locally - Which Is a Better Choice for A Successful Career Abroad?


It's a million-dollar question that has been asked more than a million times, isn't it? You would have discussed this multiple times with your friends, family, and career counsellors, trying to decide on the course and university that's best suited for you. Or perhaps, even debated why you should even study abroad. Right? Which university provides ...

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An Exclusive & Handy Travel Guide to Ireland for Indonesian Students


From sprawling grasslands to centuries-old fortresses, the Emerald Isle (Ireland) is rich in natural wonders, culture, food, music and customs. But that's not all. One of the most student-friendly study destinations, it is no wonder then that Ireland is one of the best places to pursue courses ranging from data science to creative arts, for an unfo...

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6 Simple Money Saving Tips While Studying in the UK


The first thing that comes to mind while considering studying abroad is the cost of living in a foreign land and spending in foreign currency. Given the exchange differences between the Indonesian Rupiah and the British Pound, it's important to learn how to save money for a comfortable and peaceful study experience in the UK. Scholarships and bursa...

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Why Study Political Science Course in The UK? University of Essex


Understanding the political climate in any environment would be a bit challenging if you're not aware of the various rules, regulations, and multitudes of treatises and agreements prevailing in that country. Political Science encompasses all this and more. From every ordinance passed to every claim overruled, there's a significant trace of politica...

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Why Choose UWE Bristol for a Successful Career in the UK


The Guardian University Guide, 2023 ranks the University of West England in Bristol 24th out of 121 UK institutions for high-quality teaching, compelling courses and student satisfaction. The UK has scores of universities that are renowned for their excellence in teaching and research. UWE Bristol falls in the top 10 as a result of its wide range o...

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Top Reasons to Study Engineering in the UK For a Successful Career


Here's a fun fact for you on Engineering - the word "Engineering" was derived from the Latin word "ingeniator", which means clever/native talent. How true, right? The top engineering inventions - from the internet and electricity, to the telephone and modern transport, are all the result of engineering creativity and passion. Owing to its importanc...

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Why Choose the Queensland University of Technology & it's Top 3 Courses


What is it about technology that fascinates everybody? Its all-pervasiveness or the abundant scope it offers for innovation and reliability? One of the most crucial man-made creations, technology inspires and incites us to learn, research and develop newer concepts and theories for a better and more meaningful life. Learning important concepts prov...

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Cost of Studying in Popular Study-Abroad Destinations

Cost of Studying in Popular Study-Abroad Destinations

One of your most-searched questions that demand well-researched and accurate answers would be regarding the cost of studying abroad in your dream destination. From the bustling streets of Manhattan to the rolling meadows in Ireland, appealing as these places are, it would be worth the investment only if you plan your finances meticulously. The cost...

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Studying in the UK From an Indonesian Curriculum - What You Need to Know About Studying Abroad with Local Curriculum.


How different do you think the education opportunities worldwide are compared to your own? Naturally, there are quite a few differences in the teaching style, curriculum, duration of the course, practical applications, etc. However, education as a means of holistic development and progress remains the same worldwide. Cultural and linguistic differe...

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5 Remarkable Reasons to Pursue STEM Degrees at the University of Galway

5 Remarkable Reasons to Pursue STEM Degrees

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) are four very popular and fundamental disciplines taught by universities and educational institutions worldwide – from Astronomy and Nautical science to Biotechnology and Fintech, a wide range of subjects fall under the orbit of STEM courses. STEM courses, given their popularity among aspiring...

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Best Universities in New York for International Students

Best Universities in New York That International Students Need to Know

The top universities in New York City are renowned for their exceptional academic programs, groundbreaking research, and rich histories. These include renowned public universities and cover a wide array of subjects, drawing over half a million students globally. Whether interested in arts, sciences, business, or technology, each university provides...

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