Top 12 Benefits of Studying in Canada

Canada's commitment to global education is deeply ingrained in its approach to international students. In today's interconnected world, Canada has made significant strides in fostering an environment that values international education. The country understands the transformative power of education and its role in promoting understanding, peace, and...

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Canada's New Study Permit Cap for International Students - 2024

In a significant announcement, Canada has set a new cap on the number of study permits to be issued to international students in 2024. The country plans to welcome approximately 360,000 students for the next two years, marking a pivotal shift in its approach to managing the influx of international students. This development is crucial for students ...

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Popular Diploma Courses in Australia for International Students

There are multiple course programmes today across different subject areas and specialisations. Given the rate of advancements in science, technology, medicine, construction, agriculture and health, there is tremendous scope to learn, explore, experiment and research to achieve academic progress and facilitate real time learning. In tune with the gr...

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How to Calculate GPA & Steps to Convert GPA to Percentage?

At some point during your academic journey, you might have wondered what a GPA stands for and why it's crucial to maintain a good GPA score. For those not well-versed with the concept yet, we have put together an informative piece on the importance of GPA, GPA to percentage conversion, and how to maintain a good GPA. No matter where you're headed, ...

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How to Get the Perfect Recommendation Letter for a Master’s Degree?

Studying abroad requires you to convince the university committee that you're the perfect fit for their course programmes and that you'd do justice to reaping the benefits of the course if given the opportunity. So, like your statement of purpose, a letter of recommendation (LOR) is another important document you must provide to establish your elig...

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Why do a Master’s Degree Abroad and How Does it Help with Career Development?

 Let's start at the more basic question - why pursue master's at all? Most likely, it's because you want to enhance your knowledge in the desired subject field and/or as a means to upskill and gain practical experience. While that is the ideal reason to pursue a master's course, there are also other ancillary benefits to it like getting the em...

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(Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan) LPDP Scholarship - Eligibility, Requirements, Types And More

Like any other commodity, education too is lucrative and more exciting when it comes with discounts. But LPDP scholarships are more than a financial bursary - they are a reward in itself for your academic potential and a generous aid to compensate for any financial lag/inadequacy to make your study abroad dreams an achievable feat. Ever since study...

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Why Study in the University of Western Australia (UWA)

Living the Australian dream is not overrated, and for a good reason. With 7 of its universities in the top 100 QS World Universities rankings, the Australian education system is as top-notch as ever. From research infrastructure, teaching efficiency, to holistic development - Australia has it all. One such top 100 university that is known for ...

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Top Short Courses For International Students

The number of international students studying abroad has increased steadily over the past few years. This is especially owing to the better standard of education and living conditions. A large number of students also plan to settle in the country after their studies and view education abroad as a way to settle in the country. It is here that the im...

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Different English Proficiency Tests Types For International Students

Are you planning to study abroad? Then, you are most likely to be aware that fulfilling English language proficiency criteria is an essential component of your admission prerequisites. This criterion also holds true when applying for your student visa. English language proficiency exams offer non-native English speakers the opportunity to engage in studies in countries like the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, and other nations where English is the primary language. An English language test plays a pivotal role in enhancing your comprehension, reading, and writing abilities in the language. It also equips you to seamlessly apply both written and spoken English once you relocate to your preferred study destination.

Do you know that the IELTS test is the most famous English proficiency test that is accepted for admission to most universities and colleges abroad?

For students aspiring to undertake international studies, attempting an English language test and obtaining an acceptable score is obligatory in most cases to ensure the acceptance of your university applications. Additionally, certain universities stress a minimum score requirement based on the specifications of the desired course. You can read the blog completely to learn in detail about the popular English proficiency tests, including the TOEFL English test,PTE test, Cambridge English test, Duolingo English test, etc.

What Are English Proficiency Tests and Why Are They Important?

English proficiency tests play a crucial role for international students aiming to pursue their education in countries where English is the primary language. These tests assess your ability to understand, speak, read, and write in English. They hold significant importance as they serve as a measure of your English language skills, ensuring that you can actively participate in classes, comprehend course materials, and effectively communicate with professors and fellow students. Essentially, these tests act as a bridge, connecting students from diverse linguistic backgrounds to academic opportunities in countries such as the US, the UK, Australia, and Canada. By demonstrating language proficiency through these tests, you can open doors to better experiences and successful academic lives in foreign countries. The TOEFL test, IELTS, PTE, OET, etc., are a few popular English proficiency tests chosen by international students.

Benefits of Taking an English Proficiency Test

Contrary to popular belief, an English proficiency test is essential not only for admission to universities abroad. In a few cases, you will need a satisfactory English proficiency test score for your job and visa purposes. A few benefits of taking an English proficiency test are given below.

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Best Universities in the USA

Having come from different places, each student has their own reason for choosing to study in the US. The benefits that international students enjoy while living and studying in the US are tremendous and that's the reason why the US remains to be the most popular overseas study destination. Since there are so many best universities in USA, choosing...

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Top Ranked & Best Universities in the UK

The UK higher education system has been hugely influential in determining international higher education standards for a very long time. With innovative teaching methods and modern facilities, nothing beats UK education. With its exceptional reputation, there are more number of the best universities in the Uk. A degree from any higher edu...

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Best & Top Ranked Universities In Canada

If you're looking for the best universities in the world, you should think about Canada as your destination: it offers high-quality education to international students and is known for its distinct educational system. Canada is home to a number of world-class colleges and universities, which teach in both English and French. It's no surprise that C...

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Raih Cita Cita Keliling Dunia bersama Holmesglen Institute!

Didirikan pada tahun 1982, Holmesglen Institute adalah salah satu penyedia kursus pelatihan kejuruan terbesar di Victoria, Australia. Di Holmesglen, kamu akan mempelajari sangat banyak ilmu praktikal yang bisa langsung kamu terapkan saat menjalani karirmu di masa depan.

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Ingin Belajar Biologi Kelautan? James Cook University nomor 1 di dunia loh!

Indonesia adalah negara kepulauan terbesar di dunia, dengan luas perairan lebih besar daripada luas daratan. Banyak dari lautan kita yang belum tereksplorasi yang menjadikan pengetahuan biologi kelautan sangatlah krusial untuk perkembangan negara kita.

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3 Cara Sukses Meraih Beasiswa Ke Luar Negeri

Meraih beasiswa memang merupakan impian banyak orang. Ada yang sudah mencoba beberapa kali namun masih belum berhasil, ada juga yang penasaran dan ingin tahu bagaimana caranya supaya bisa berhasil mendapatkan beasiswa untuk kuliah ke luar negeri.

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Internship Programs for International Students in Australia

You are not alone if you are an international student in Australia and striving to be more productive by enrolling in an internship program in the same country. Almost every student in every country strives to be accepted into an internship program because interning in the same country allows them to gain valuable experience and skills. Interning i...

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Foundation Courses in the UK for International Students

If you are an overseas student wishing to pursue your first degree in the UK, you must first complete a foundation course at a UK university or institution. Here, we'll discuss: The benefits of doing a foundation course What a foundation course entails Career benefits from doing a foundation course in the UK.  What is a Foundation Course at a ...

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Study abroad packing list

Taking up new roles and drafting a new plan for life is exciting, refreshing, and extremely challenging. We are glad that you have finally decided to begin your study abroad journey.

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Best Universities in Singapore

How about some "did you know?" facts about Singapore before we hop on to the best universities in Singapore? "Well, like what?" you might wonder. How about - "Did you know that Singapore is one of the happiest countries in the world, for starters?" One of the well-developed economies in the world with a strong focus on community living and overall ...

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