Why Study A Law Degree in Australia?

Are you someone who enjoys a career that is intellectually challenging but also highly rewarding? Then you should probably think about getting a law degree! Studying law gives you the chance to gain a variety of skills and learn about many different facets of humanity. It helps expand your knowledge and allows you to learn about a wide range of top...

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Studying Abroad or Studying Locally - Which Is a Better Choice for A Successful Career Abroad?

It's a million-dollar question that has been asked more than a million times, isn't it? You would have discussed this multiple times with your friends, family, and career counsellors, trying to decide on the course and university that's best suited for you. Or perhaps, even debated why you should even study abroad. Right? Which university provides ...

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Do Backlogs and Gap Years Affects your Study Abroad Plan

In reality, an annoying event, a backlog is an exam/test you couldn't complete on the first attempt. Gap years, on the other hand, refer to a break (noticeable gap) between two educational degrees because of various reasons, including work, personal situations, travel, etc. Both backlogs and gap years create some discomfort for two reasons: Univers...

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Study abroad packing list

Taking up new roles and drafting a new plan for life is exciting, refreshing, and extremely challenging. We are glad that you have finally decided to begin your study abroad journey.

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How To Study Abroad With A Low GPA?

How To Study Abroad With A Low GPA?

Yes, you read that right. Knowing how to study abroad with an excellent GPA score isn't rocket science, whereas fulfilling your study-abroad dreams with a low GPA takes some extra effort, and this is where expert guidance is most needed. A low GPA drains the colours from your study-abroad aspirations, and it hurts, doesn't it? But that doesn't mean...

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Cost of Studying in Popular Study-Abroad Destinations

Cost of Studying in Popular Study-Abroad Destinations

One of your most-searched questions that demand well-researched and accurate answers would be regarding the cost of studying abroad in your dream destination. From the bustling streets of Manhattan to the rolling meadows in Ireland, appealing as these places are, it would be worth the investment only if you plan your finances meticulously. The cost...

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10 Best Cities to Study-Abroad for International Students in 2023

The mother of all trending topics is here – that's right, the updated list of the top 10 study-abroad destinations is out and you can start putting out the travel checklist because, why wait? Now, there are some destinations that are known for global education and there are other destinations that have set the standards for the best education ...

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Why Study in the University of Western Australia (UWA)

Living the Australian dream is not overrated, and for a good reason. With 7 of its universities in the top 100 QS World Universities rankings, the Australian education system is as top-notch as ever. From research infrastructure, teaching efficiency, to holistic development - Australia has it all. One such top 100 university that is known for ...

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Why Study at Heriot-Watt University Malaysia for an Enriching Academic Experience?

Did you know that Malaysia has the highest percentage of international students in Southeast Asia with more than 10 universities in the top 500 2023 QS World Universities rankings? One of the most multicultural and flourishing economies in Southeast Asia, Malaysia offers a safe and welcoming environment for international students. Strategically loc...

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Why do a Master’s Degree Abroad and How Does it Help with Career Development?

 Let's start at the more basic question - why pursue master's at all? Most likely, it's because you want to enhance your knowledge in the desired subject field and/or as a means to upskill and gain practical experience. While that is the ideal reason to pursue a master's course, there are also other ancillary benefits to it like getting the em...

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Advantages Of Studying in The UK

Advantages of Studying in UK

Do you wish to study in the United Kingdom? Wondering how your future will be in the UK? Read on to learn all about advantages of studying in UK! Regarded as one of the most ethnically diverse countries in the world, the United Kingdom is one of the most popular choices of study abroad destinations for students around the globe. During your study p...

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benefits of studying cyber security overseas

Benefits of Studying Cyber Security Overseas

 Are you someone who aspires to take up a challenging and diverse career path? Well then, a career in Cyber security can satiate your career dreams and help you explore cyber security technology in both the public and private sector. There is no denying that the demand for cyber security professionals is on an ascent. It is estimated that, by ...

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Cyber Security Courses in New Zealand

Cyber Security Courses in New Zealand

Cybersecurity, popularly known as information technology (IT) security is one of the best fields to study in New Zealand for international students. Cybersecurity experts are in high demand across a broad range of industries. Based on a survey from Forbes, there will be 1.8 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs by 2022. To secure high-level positions...

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Top Interior Design Universities in Australia

Top Interior Design Universities in Australia

Interior design is one of those specialisations that involves a blend of passion, perseverance, expertise, and industrial training. You should make sure that you attend the best design school that can lay the theoretical groundwork and allow you to gain practical experience through internships and work placements. Now, are you looking for top Unive...

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Jobs for International students in Melbourne

Jobs for International students in Melbourne

 Are you thinking about part-time jobs while studying in Melbourne? While Melbourne is an excellent place to study, it also ranks highly in terms of student job opportunities. As an international student in Melbourne, you can work part-time or on a casual basis to obtain work experience or to supplement your expenditure as you study. While stu...

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Loan Options For International Students in Australia

Loan Options For International Students in Australia

Loan Guide   International students in Australia opt to study further in the country for many reasons: To land a job in Australia, to extend their stay in the country, advance in their current jobs etc. However, for a majority of students, their financial situation obstructs their way forward. Though the course fees are relatively less in...

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Future Opportunities For Your Child in Canada

Future Opportunities For Your Child in Canada

Canada, known as the "land of opportunity," is the ideal overseas destination for Indonesians looking to create a prosperous future. Canada is known for its modern infrastructure, amiable people and an environment that pleases everyone. It can be regarded as one of the best countries to study and live in. For parents keen on searching for a study d...

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University Essentials - What to Pack While Moving to a New Country For Studies?

University Essentials - What to Pack While Moving to a New Country For Studies?

Phew! You finally bagged that seat in your dream university, all set to fly to a whole new country. You're probably overwhelmed and not ready for the next crucial step- PACKING! To make the process less complicated, here is an organized checklist of all things you will have to fit in your suitcases. Before heading straight into the categories, here...

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7 Places You Shouldn't Miss To Visit While Studying In UK

7 Places You Shouldn't Miss To Visit While Studying In UK

Road map? Check. Food & Snacks? Check. Travel accessories? Check. But what about the list of places you could visit while studying in the UK The United Kingdom is full of breathtaking places. While studying in the UK, exploring places can be exciting and act as a source of knowledge about their history, culture, businesses, and trade. This Roya...

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Top Reasons to Study International Business in the USA

Top Reasons to Study International Business in the USA

Are you some who enjoys negotiating and is ready to settle global challenges that companies face? Then probably you should consider pursuing a degree in International Business! International Business Administration is concerned with core business skills in an international context. It addresses the needs of all enterprises by introducing the fundam...

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