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Importance of studying International Relations and Job Opportunities in the Globe

Importance of studying International Relations and Job Opportunities in the Globe

In the endless ocean of world politics and commercial agreements, International Relations (IR) is the ship that helps you sail through global currents, effectively manage international issues and promote peace.

In a nutshell, IR is a field of study that explores the dynamics of cross-border relationships in terms of trade, culture, commerce, and economic development. It is a branch of science that explains global issues such as climate change, socio-economic imbalance, political unrest, human rights, and the ways to promote and achieve socio-economic development.

You might be wondering how valuable IR is as a career choice and what your role would be in the intricate web of global politics.

Let's dive right into the benefits of doing a course in International Relations and the dynamic job opportunities that await you. 

International Relations - Course Curriculum

International Relations is truly international - in the sense that it has a wide-ranging curriculum from economics and politics to sociology and anthropology. So, what would you as a student gain by doing a Bachelor of International Relations course?

Ideally, a four-year program in an International Relations university entails a detailed study in Economics, Politics and Government, Public Policy, Business-Government relationships, Global Conflicts, Global Security, Environmental Sustainability, Policy Making, etc.

Ancillary benefits that improve employability:

  • Exposure to cross-cultural politics
  • Learning new languages and adapting to different cultures
  • Deep dive into foreign affairs and international policy framework

Practical application and work skills that you'll learn from the course:

  • Identifying dispute patterns and problem-solving
  • Communication and negotiation
  • Teamwork and project management
  • Understanding international requirements vis-a-vis immigration, international aid, international law, political analysis, etc.

Benefits of doing a Master's in International Relations

A Master's degree in International Relations offers specialized insights into the world of international laws and governance.

Over the course duration of two years, you'll understand the nuances of international treaties, security and defense, international trade regulations, and contemporary global issues like corruption, poverty, high-risk financial activities, offshore regulations, etc.

What's in it for you though?

You can work to bring about change in sensitive issues like ecological balance, human trafficking, health, and sanitation.

For those more interested in the analytical part of IR, you could learn the intricacies of diplomatic relations, international security, and foreign affairs. The career choices are aplenty, but we'll see more about that later.

Compiled below is a list of a few top-rated universities offering International Relations courses for domestic and international students.



Course Program



Tuition Fees

Queen's University


Post Graduate in International Relations

1 year


Oxford Brooks University


BA in International Relations and Politics

3 years


Deakin University


Master of International Relations

1 year


The University of Sydney


Master of International Relations

1 year


Flinders University


PG in International Relations

6 months


High Point University


Bachelor in International Relations

4 years


Wartburg College


BA in International Relations

4 years


University of Canterbury


Master of International Relations and Diplomacy

1 year


The University of Waikato


Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations and Security Studies

1 year


University of Windsor


International Relations and Development Studies

4 years


University of Toronto


Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

4 years


Why Pursue a Career in International Relations?

  • If International Law intrigues you.
  • If you identify yourself as a promoter of economic stability and world peace.
  • If you find yourself advocating for a democratic, minority-inclusive world order that addresses sensitive concerns with compassion and diplomacy.

IR offers you plenty of opportunities to establish amicable relationships with global leaders and pioneers in business. This is especially true if you're tirelessly looking for solutions to eliminate social evils and facilitate economic welfare and betterment.

It's important to remember that International Relations jobs don't start and end with government postings. It offers a kaleidoscope of job opportunities in NGOs, public welfare organizations, Banking, Media and Publishing houses, International Aid, and Legal and Corporate realms, to name a few. A degree in International relations would be your launchpad to start a career in the domain of your interest, all you need to find is your niche.

Let's now walk you through the various job opportunities available once you graduate from an International Relations University.

  • Diplomat - No doubt a much-preferred role, a diplomat would be responsible for engaging with some of the most influential leaders in the international arena. A diplomat would be the person to promote the interests of your country while maintaining camaraderie with peers and foreign bureaucrats. For those willing to promote universal trust and cross-cultural bonding, diplomacy is food for your soul.

  • Communications Officer - Speak and understand different languages like the back of your hand? Well, then the sorting hat would put you in a Communications role in a company where you'd communicate with their global audience and enhance visibility.

  • Political Consultant - If Political science gives you an adrenaline rush, and you have a natural flair for policy-making and interpretation, then being a political scientist would be an inspiring career choice. From organizing campaigns to public appearances, you'd play an active role in maintaining public relations as a political consultant.

  • Market Analyzer - If you're willing to venture into the vortex of dynamic market trends and consumer behavior, then a Market Analyzer is a role tailor-made to fit your skills. Analyzing multiple trends and interpreting global market structure is critical in achieving overall development, especially for companies with an international presence.

  • Journalist - Do you love to present hard-hitting facts, honest reporting, and impactful topics? Does creating public awareness and information bring satisfaction and a sense of achievement? If yes, then you're on your way to becoming a Journalist like you're meant to be.

  • Intelligence Officer - Who wouldn't want to be 007? As an Intelligence Officer, you'd be trained to analyze and interpret patterns in national security and defense databases. If sleuthing is your career of choice and you have the skills for it, then being an Intelligence Officer would be a rewarding job role.

While you can don these many hats, it'd be prudent to identify your interests and aspirations that match your skill sets. Given how remarkable an International Relations job is, it is crucial to connect with the universities that support your aspirations and offer specialized courses that would help launch your career.

But worry not, the expert counselors at AECC Global are here to guide you step-by-step through the process from course selection to admissions to career support. And also explore more courses and universities in our AECC Course Search.

AECC Global has a committed workforce with in-depth knowledge about the dynamics in the education system, rooted firmly in making your dreams come true.

If you think International Relations is your calling, get in touch with the consultants at AECC Global right away to get clarity on your next big step in learning and developing your career!

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