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Master's Degree in New Zealand For International Students - A Guide For 2021


The journey for the best destination, courses, and universities as an international student is tough. We are presented with a multitude of options whenever we look online. If you are planning to study abroad for your master’s degree, then New Zealand is the best destination for you.

New Zealand is not only recognised as a famous tourist destination but is also reputed for having a broad range of master's degrees at world-class universities. Let's check few particulars for master's degree in New Zealand for international students.
In this blog, you will find information on applying for master's degrees, PG student visas, PG grants, and job opportunities in New Zealand and more.

Why Masters in New Zealand?

Obtaining a master's degree in New Zealand will help you even in the distant future. New Zealand has only eight universities and all of them feature in the top 500, according to QS World University Rankings. All New Zealand’s universities are publicly funded and offer a diverse selection of Master's degrees that are globally recognised. The pedagogy of New Zealand institutions emphasizes problem solving and critical thinking which are significant qualities that an international student needs in the present world.The academic year to study in New Zealand is divided into two semesters, which run from February to June and July to November. International students who are pursuing their masters can start in either semester. Although master’s programs in New Zealand usually begin in February or July, there are some professional programs that begin only in semester 1. You can also finish your masters in 18 months as there are programs that help you accelerate or extend your studies.

Applying for Masters in New Zealand

Application for master's degree in New Zealand for international students varies depending on the semester in which a degree commences. For a Master’s program starting in semester one (February-June), you can usually apply by October 31st of the previous year. For a course starting in semester two (July-November), you can usually apply by April 30th of the year your course commences.The norms for admission vary from university to university. The norms will also differ based on the courses in master's degree in New Zealand for international students. In most cases, an undergraduate degree in a related subject is needed for admission to an academic Master’s program in New Zealand. In New Zealand, professional master's programs can require relevant work experience. It's less likely for graduate entrance requirements, but most professional development courses would require it. When a UG degree is required for a program, universities can set a minimal score. This is normally a 2:1 or more (approximately equal to a US GPA of 3.0 or more), but universities may change their standards. You could still be accepted if you have not obtained your preferred degree result but have nevertheless submitted a good application.

PG Student Visas in New Zealand

It is a basic necessity that all international students need a student visa. On a regular visitor’s visa, an international student can study for up to three months which is insufficient time to finish a master’s degree. Here are some criteria you must meet in order to get a student visa in New Zealand.
You must be admitted into a New Zealand university on a program approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA).

  • Part-time education on a foreign student visa in New Zealand is not possible and thus you must be a full-time student.
  • You must maintain a good level of health. You will not be expected to have medical records to show this, but you will be expected to submit a statement to that effect.
  • You must have no prior criminal records and if you are going to stay in New Zealand for more than two years, you must have police clearance from your former country.

PG Scholarships in New Zealand

There are lots of advantages for International Students in New Zealand when it comes to scholarships. You can avail financial assistance in the form of a discount on tuition fees, living grant, establishment grant, medical insurance, and travel grant, etc., during your course of study. Here are some of the financial aids out of the many when choosing master's degree in New Zealand for international students.Lembaga Pengelola Dana Pendidikan (LPDP) which is a full-time scholarship scheme from the Indonesian Ministry of Finance is provided to all Indonesian citizens.The University of Auckland offers the International Student Excellence Scholarship to international UG and PG students. The scholarship is worth up to $10,000 and can be used for either postgraduate or undergraduate studies.The Lincoln University renders the International taught master merit scholarships Lincoln University. Students with a B+ average are eligible for this scholarship and the amount provided is NZ $7000 –NZ$10,000.The University of Waikato offers the University of Waikato International Excellence Scholarship. Students with a B+ are eligible for this scholarship and the amount provided is up to NZD$10,000 towards tuition fees.

Work Opportunities in New Zealand

As a university graduate from New Zealand, you may be eligible to register for a Post-Study Work Visa(PSWV) to work in the country. If you have a valid credential, you can register for a visa to be employed in New Zealand for up to three years after finishing your studies. A post-study work visa is valid for one, two, or three years, depending on the degree of your education and where you studied.

Permanent Residence(PR) Visa in New Zealand

If your end goal is to get a job in New Zealand in your chosen area of specialization, then you need to register for a permanent residence visa. It permits you to remain in New Zealand indefinitely while still receiving government-funded services. It is certainly advantageous for receiving good work proposals, which are based on a series of aspects such as educational qualification, age, and experience. This visa also permits you to travel freely between New Zealand and every other country in the world. The eligibility for this visa is that you should hold a New Zealand residence visa and should have been living in New Zealand for two years or more. Here are some criteria that you have adhere to in order to obtain a PR visa in New Zealand post completing a master's degree in New Zealand for international students.

  • You must be below 55 years of age
  • You must have good English Language skills
  • You must have moral behaviour and good health
  • You must have an employment offer in hand
  • Capability to demonstrate your intention to remain in the country

The New Zealand universities have a myriad of Master’s courses to render. They are a hotspot for international students to study at their universities which have exceptional rankings. If require any further assistance in choosing the right Master’s degree for you, connect with us to know which is the best master's degree in New Zealand for international students.

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