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Why Study Business at Torrens University?

Why Study Business at Torrens University?

Torrens University is among the most comprehensive educational institutions in Australia. It sets itself apart from other universities as an institution of innovators and changemakers. The university welcomes students who are passionate about their chosen fields to do research projects with it. The institution also collaborates with industry-focused institutions to help launch a successful career.

There are a dozen campuses for Torrens University across Australia, besides campuses in China and Auckland, with more than 19,000 enrolled students. Torrens University offers an array of undergraduate (UG), post-graduate (PG), higher degree by research (HDR) and specialized degree programs in various categories, including business. There are hundreds of courses at Torrens University, and the institution has designed them all in a way that will aid students in becoming job-ready. 

Business Courses at Torrens University

Torrens University offers business courses in an array of educational fields under its diploma, graduate, and postgraduate programs. Torrens offers great flexibility to students with multiple campuses in Australia, the option to study online and/or on-campus, and many courses to pick from. The business courses look to prepare you for jobs across industries through direct, practical experience and theory-based foundations that aim to set the scene for success in your career.

Torrens University's business specialisations include business analytics, business, accounting, event management, entrepreneurship, project management, sports management, and marketing. Many of the courses that the university offers in business cover management aspects. Moreover, the diverse industry partners and academics of Torrens University aid students in gaining a comprehensive business network and new business perspectives.

Torrens offers the option to study most of its business courses online, on-campus or through a combination of both. Part-time, full-time and accelerated options are available for most of the courses. You can find more information about Torrens University courses and fees on the institution's official website.

While some of the courses are for only domestic students, others are also for international students. Torrens University regards Australian students and permanent residents in Australia as domestic students. Read on for a better picture of Torrens University's business courses for international students.

Diploma Courses at Torrens University

The diploma courses at Torrens University are AQF Level-5 programs that last one year or two years. Graduates at that level gain specialised expertise for paraprofessional/skilled work, further education or both.

The Courses

  • Diploma of Business
  • Diploma of Business Information Systems
  • Diploma of Event Management
  • Diploma of Marketing

Bachelor-Level Courses at Torrens University

These business management courses and other courses at the university are AQF Level 7 programs. The course duration is usually two to three years, based on whether you pick the full-time or the accelerated option. As a graduate at this level, you will have a comprehensive and coherent expertise for professional employment, further learning, or both. Bachelor students get the expertise required for several management positions, and other high-level roles. They can work autonomously and offer specialist skills and advice as well as possess well-developed problem-solving abilities and judgment. Keep reading for a list of the bachelor-level business courses at Torrens University.

The Courses

  • Bachelor Of Business
  • Bachelor Of Business (Entrepreneurship)
  • Bachelor Of Business (Event Management)
  • Bachelor Of Business Information Systems
  • Bachelor Of Business (Marketing)
  • Bachelor of Business (Sports Management)
  • Bachelor Of Commerce (Accounting)
  • Bachelor of Applied Business, Management
  • Bachelor of Applied Business, Marketing
  • Bachelor of Applied Entrepreneurship

Graduate Courses at Torrens University

Each Torrens university business course that is categorized as AQF Level 8 is designed to offer the student a specialized array of skills and knowledge that they can use in a professional environment. The course tends to focus on research tasks and theoretical work. Graduate diploma courses in business take six months to one year to complete. On the other hand, a Torrens University graduate certificate course takes six months to finish.

The Courses

  • Graduate Certificate of Business Administration
  • Graduate Certificate of Global Project Management
  • Graduate Diploma of Business Administration
  • Graduate Diploma of Business Information Systems
  • Graduate Diploma of Global Project Management

Master's Degree Courses at Torrens University

With a Torrens University master's degree course, you can implement an advanced level of expertise in an array of contexts to do research. These courses tend to be pursued following a bachelor's degree. Torrens University's business management courses take between one year and two years to complete. Torrens University offers master's degree courses in many different areas, including business administration, engineering management, professional accounting, public health, global project management, and business information systems.

The Courses

  • Master of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration (Advanced)
  • Master of Business Administration (Sports Management)
  • Master of Business Administration Sports Management (Advanced)
  • Master of Business Information Systems
  • Master of Engineering Management
  • Master of Global Project Management
  • Master of Global Project Management (Advanced)
  • Master of Professional Accounting
  • Master of Professional Accounting (Advanced)
  • Master of Business Administration and Master of Global Project Management
  • Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Health
  • Master of Global Project Management and Master of Public Health
  • Master of Business Administration, Digital Health Transformation
  • Master of Business Administration, Luxury Brand Management

Doctorate Course at Torrens University

Doctor Of Business Leadership

The course is designed in a way that will produce exceptional leaders who can deal with an array of challenging situations in the continually changing global business environment. The course entails not only an understanding of cultural and social change but also an analysis of possible issues. Thus, it will offer the graduate the capability and confidence they need to lead a large organization. This course takes two to three years to complete and is available as a full-time option.

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