Your dream of studying in
Thailand is closer than you think!

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Your dream of studying in
Thailand is closer than you think!

Learn everything you need to know about studying in Thailand and get end to end expert guidance from us.

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Study in Thailand

The question of "Why study in Thailand" is met with resounding reasons that resonate across borders. The blend of tradition and modernity, seamlessly woven into Thailand's educational landscape, is a compelling factor. Indonesian students yearning for an education that intertwines time-honoured wisdom with contemporary insights find their desires mirrored in Thailand's academic offerings.

As Indonesian students contemplate the exciting educational journey that Thailand offers, they are met with a nation that not only boasts a diverse tapestry of cultures but also adheres to global standards of learning. The reasons to study in Thailand are manifold, ranging from affordable tuition fees to a welcoming environment that fosters growth and cross-cultural exchange. The doors to academic excellence swing open as students find themselves embraced by a nation that values education as a cornerstone of progress.

The notion of studying in Thailand for international students isn't just a choice; it's an invitation to be part of a global community. The fusion of traditional values and contemporary education moulds students into well-rounded individuals equipped to navigate a world of opportunities. As Indonesian students contemplate this educational odyssey, the reasons to study in Thailand become more than mere words – they embody a transformative experience that transcends geographical boundaries and enriches lives.

Why Study in Thailand?

The allure of studying in Thailand isn't just about obtaining a degree; it's a voyage into a world that bridges the past and the future. The country's academic landscape radiates a unique blend of tradition and modernity, a testament to its commitment to fostering well-rounded individuals. Indonesian students, drawn to the question of why they study in Thailand, find themselves immersed in an educational tapestry where venerable wisdom and contemporary knowledge converge harmoniously.

As the decision-making process unfolds for Indonesian students contemplating where to pursue their academic aspirations, the appeal of Thailand's tuition fees comes into focus. The reasons to study in Thailand echo the affordability it offers without compromising on the quality of education. With tuition fees that won't burden wallets, students can dive into their studies with undivided focus, ensuring an investment that pays dividends in the future.

The decision to study in Thailand isn't confined to classrooms; it extends to the enchanting cultural landscape that surrounds international students. The warm embrace of Thai hospitality welcomes scholars into a community that values diversity and fosters cross-cultural connections. The reasons to study in Thailand for international students extend beyond the academic realm, intertwining with personal growth, unforgettable experiences, and stepping stone toward a promising future.

Education System in Thailand

The Thai education system emphasises the balanced development of students. They focus on academics, personality, and ethical values. Universities in Thailand offer a plethora of courses, both in Thai and English, catering to international students. For Indonesian students, the Thai academic calendar, course structure, and evaluation methods might differ, but they echo the commitment to quality education.

Benefits of Studying in Thailand

Diving into education in Thailand isn't just about classes and exams; it's an odyssey of growth. The journey holds numerous transformative advantages:

  • Affordability: While Western countries drain pockets, Thailand presents top-notch education at a fraction of the cost. 
  • Cultural Immersion: Beyond textbooks, students soak in the rich tapestry of Thai culture, fostering an eye-opening experience. 
  • Quality Education: A medley of Thai universities hold steadfast positions on global education charts, assuring quality education. 
  • English-Taught Programs: A cornucopia of courses, all taught in English, caters precisely to the needs of international scholars. 
  • Networking Opportunities: Interactions with peers from diverse nations form a global network valuable for future endeavours. 
  • Geographical Perks: Nestled in Southeast Asia, Thailand's prime location opens doors to internships and adventures.

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Top Courses to Study in Thailand

Thailand's academic canvas resonates as a symphony of global demands, orchestrated to embrace an evolving world. This dynamic approach is reflected in its curriculum, meticulously designed to cater to the ever-changing needs of a complex society. As Indonesian students explore the educational spectrum, they encounter a panorama of disciplines that represent Thailand's dedication to holistic and forward-thinking education.

Business Administration: The study of Business Administration stands as a cornerstone in Thailand's academic array. The curriculum moulds students into visionary leaders equipped with global acumen and strategic finesse. Indonesian students who opt for this discipline embark on a journey that nurtures their ability to navigate a multifaceted business landscape while honing their leadership potential.

Computer Science: In a world propelled by technology, Computer Science emerges as a vital realm of study. Thailand's Computer Science programs are carefully crafted to cultivate tech-savvy minds that can thrive in a digitally driven era. Indonesian students who embark on this academic path delve into coding, algorithms, and the boundless possibilities of innovation, ensuring they are prepared for the digital future.

Engineering: Thailand's dedication to Engineering programs extends beyond textbooks. It's a commitment to shaping individuals who can pioneer solutions to real-world challenges. From sustainable infrastructure to cutting-edge technologies, the Engineering curriculum equips Indonesian students with the skills and knowledge to transform their ideas into tangible contributions that impact society.

International Relations: International Relations courses stand as a testament to Thailand's global perspective. The curriculum goes beyond theoretical knowledge, fostering diplomats who are adept in cross-cultural dialogue. Indonesian students who choose this path delve into the complexities of international affairs, learning to bridge gaps, foster cooperation, and navigate the intricacies of a globally connected world.

Tourism and Hospitality Management: Thailand's economy thrives on its vibrant tourism and hospitality industry. The Tourism and Hospitality Management programs go beyond surface-level instruction, crafting professionals who are well-versed in the intricacies of this vital sector. Indonesian students immersed in this field learn to provide unparalleled experiences, contributing to a flourishing industry.

Environmental Sciences: The pressing challenges of our environment require dedicated minds. Thailand's Environmental Sciences programs tackle this urgency head-on, equipping students with the knowledge to navigate environmental complexities. Indonesian students who delve into this field emerge as advocates for sustainability, armed with the tools to tackle pressing global issues.

Top Universities to Study in Thailand

Within Thailand's borders thrive prestigious institutions that resonate on the global stage. Choosing the right university marks a pivotal decision on this journey of self-discovery. Each institution exudes distinct attributes that cater to diverse academic pursuits, ensuring a match between students' aspirations and institutional excellence.

Name of the University

University best known for

QS ranking 2024

THE ranking 2024

University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce UTCC

Business and Management



Chulalongkorn University

Comprehensive & Research



Mahidol University

Medicine & Health Sciences



Kasetsart University

Agriculture & Forestry



Thammasat University

Law & Political Science



By now, it is clear that Thailand is a land of academic excellence, where knowledge meets innovation and vibrant cultures collide!

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Intakes to Study in Thailand

Thailand typically has two primary intakes for its academic courses, but some universities offer multiple intakes. Here are the major intakes in Thailand and the university deadline for sending out the application.

Intake Period

Duration (Deadline)

First Semester

May to July

Second Semester

November to January

Summer Intake

March to April


Student Visa Requirements for Thailand

Securing a student visa for Thailand underscores the gateway to academic success. Indonesian students need to prepare essential documents that include a valid passport, an acceptance letter from a recognized institution, proof of financial capability, health insurance coverage, recent passport-sized photographs, and the visa application fee.


Scholarships to Study in Thailand

As the gateway to diverse opportunities, Thailand understands the significance of scholarships for international students. These scholarships empower students to pursue their dreams without being hindered by financial constraints, thus fostering a diverse and vibrant student community.

Name of Scholarship



Amount in THB

Thai Govt. Excellence Scholarship

For top academic performers

Minimum GPA 3.5

200,000 THB

ASEAN Scholarship

For students from ASEAN countries

Proven leadership qualities

150,000 THB

Royal Thai Embassy Scholarship

Facilitating international education

Must belong to partner institutions

100,000 THB

You can always get the most recent details on any of the aforementioned scholarships, bursaries, or financial awards by contacting aecc. Don't delay in registering with us to receive all the information you want right now.

Cost of Studying in Thailand

Investing in one's education remains pivotal, and Thailand presents an affordable platform for quality learning. The cost of studying in Thailand includes tuition fees, living expenses, study materials, and other incidentals. Adequate financial planning ensures a smooth academic journey.

Undergraduate degree

Postgraduate degree

PhD degree

Research degree

75,000 THB

90,000 THB

100,000 THB

80,000 THB

Student Life in Thailand

Embarking on higher education in Thailand presents a chance to embrace student life in all its diversity. From the vibrant metropolis of Bangkok to the tranquil charms of Chiang Mai, students are not only immersed in their studies but also invited to explore the nation's historic sites, picturesque beaches and engage in local festivals. Campuses offer a fusion of modern amenities and traditional elegance, creating an unparalleled experience for international scholars.

Job Prospects in Thailand

Thailand's burgeoning economy opens doors to a world of professional opportunities. After completing their studies, international students have the chance to explore a diverse job market that aligns with their academic pursuits and personal aspirations. Thailand's growth story interlaces with students' career aspirations, promising a fulfilling journey post-graduation.

Undergraduate degree

Postgraduate degree

PhD degree

Research degree

75,000 THB

90,000 THB

100,000 THB

80,000 THB

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Cost of Living in Thailand

Navigating life as an international student in Thailand requires a pragmatic approach to finances. Beyond tuition fees, students need to factor in living costs, accommodation, meals, transportation, and personal expenses. Careful financial planning ensures that the experience is both enriching and economically viable.


Average Cost (THB)

Rent (One-bedroom apartment in city center)

13,300 THB

Utilities (Electricity, Water, Gas for 85m2 apartment)

1,900 THB

Internet (60 Mbps, unlimited data)

760 THB

Mobile Phone (1 minute of prepaid mobile tariff)

1.9 THB

Groceries (Monthly, for a single person)

5,700 THB

Food (Mid-range restaurant, three-course meal for two)

1,140 THB

Public Transportation (Monthly ticket)

1,520 THB

Health Insurance (Average monthly premium)

950 THB

Entertainment (Movies, Events, etc., for a month)

2,280 THB

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Is Thailand good for international students?

Yes, Thailand offers a rich cultural experience with internationally recognized institutions.

Turn your Study Abroad Dream to Degrees Abroad in Thailand



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