Every year, we help thousands of students pursue their study abroad dreams.

Deciding to study overseas may be one of the biggest decisions of your life. And with the right guidance, you’re sure to get started on the right path.

Our Webinars are specially curated based on your educational needs and the many questions you have regarding the future you are building for yourself. Whether you’re aspiring to study overseas, or you’re ready to take the next big step for your future, these sessions will be of great benefit to you.

To make the process simpler and easier, we have further categorised our Webinar Sessions under two very distinctive series- Pathfinder Webinars & UniSessions.

From seeking guidance on your application process, learning about top universities, or which study destination works best for your choice of course and career- You’ll find it all here.

So go on and explore them! We’ve got your future covered.

Pathfinder Webinars

Pathfinder Webinars

A series of unique, transformational webinars, carefully curated for students- each belonging to one of the 3 different paths of their study abroad journey.

Let’s get this journey started!

Find Your Path


‘UniSessions’ are a diverse set of informational webinars, thoughtfully created for students who are on a constant quest to know more about the top universities across the globe.

Get expert insights on the most important details before you take the big decision.

Find Your Path
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