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Most Popular Courses in Australia for International Students


Choosing from more than 22,000 courses at 43 different universities, international students have a wealth of options available to them in Australia. Among these universities are six that rank in the top 100 worldwide, meaning that students can be assured of a high-quality education no matter which school they choose. With such a diverse selection of degrees and specialities on offer, Australia's universities are some of the best in the world. So whether students want to study Engineering, English, Medicine, or Mathematics, they will be able to find plenty of options to suit their needs in Australia. 

S. No.


Average tuition fees (AUD)



AUD 20,000 - AUD 45,000



AUD 22,000 - AUD 50,000



AUD 18,000 - AUD 42,000


English Language Studies

AUD 1200


Vocational Education & Training

AUD 4000 - AUD 22,000

Which Popular Courses in Australia Are the Best to Study?

Australia is renowned for having some courses that are superior to others.

Agricultural Science: is one of the more well-liked subjects that students select. It is a progressive and cutting-edge education that is highly sought after by employers. You can work in the banking or biotechnology sectors, and it has several subsectors.

Accounting: There are graduate certificates, diplomas, bachelor's degrees, and master's degrees available. In comparison to other nations, tuition is less expensive here.

Actuarial science: Actuarial science is a degree that employers are looking for. You can work as a risk analyst, actuary, financial planner, investment analyst, etc.

Architecture: In Australia, a number of universities provide undergraduate and graduate programmes in architecture. With a few minor exceptions, these programmes' criteria are the same as those for all other programmes.

Computer science and IT: After 2020, Australia will see a 17.5% increase in demand for graduates in these fields. A second major can also be selected from more than 100 courses.

Hospitality management: Australia is a popular tourist destination, and there is a growing need for those with a degree in tourism and hospitality management. A bachelor's degree in the area will typically earn you AUD 60,000 per year.

Psychology: Australia is home to a number of highly regarded popular universities that grant degrees in psychology. It is also included in the list of jobs with high demand in Australia.

Engineering: Engineering degrees are highly sought after all over the world. Australia's universities provide a variety of engineering specialties.

Accounting Course In Australia

The Bachelor of Accounting degree is created to give students the information and abilities they need to manage, analyse, and report on financial resources in both the public and private sectors. The degree enables individuals to study in related subjects of interest such finance, business information systems, management, marketing, international business, and corporate sustainability in addition to meeting the educational requirements for membership in the Australian accounting professional organisations.

Students will develop the ability to analyse new accounting problems critically and be inspired by academic and professional accounting research that clarifies the problems that underlie accounting statistics.

They will benefit from this in their academic and career endeavours. If students have developed these academic and professional traits, they have greater career prospects in accounting or can continue their accounting study.

Students in Australia are able to use their theoretical and technical accounting knowledge in a professional context. Utilize judgement while being supervised to recommend several answers to straightforward accounting problems, taking into account social, ethical, economic, legal, governmental, sustainability, and/or global perspectives as necessary.

Architecture Course In Australia

A career in architecture is incredibly fulfilling since it gives students the chance to design and change both the inside and outer environment. Their architecture degrees are highly regarded academics, many of whom are also practising architects, and they focus on the interaction between architecture, communication, technology, culture, and the environment.

The link between architecture, communication, technology, culture, and the environment is a key component of their globally competitive degrees. Graduates work all throughout the world, in small boutique practises as well as large international corporations.

Business Management Course in Australia 

Learn the principles of effective leadership, project management, strategic decision-making, and interpersonal relationships. Students who study business management are exposed to new issues and develop the skills necessary to become visionary leaders. In Australia, schools equip students with the knowledge and qualifications that prospective employers are looking for.

Management theory and practise, human resource management, budgeting and planning, organisational behaviour, change management, leadership abilities, strategic management, knowledge management, and international business are the main areas of study. graduate with the knowledge and analytical skills required to create firm policies and procedures.

This keeps things interesting and aids in students' employment readiness. Learn to adapt and react quickly to get ready to lead in a business environment that is changing quickly. Analyze, anticipate, and think creatively to

Computer Engineering Course in Australia

Students can become adept programmers or forensic computer analysts with a bachelor's degree in computer science. With the assistance of some of the industry's top professionals, students will strengthen their analytical, programming, and problem-solving skills as well as learn how to use them in the real world.

The student's journey begins with a computer science bachelor's degree from Australia's top IT faculty. Students will learn how to think critically and creatively from some of the best academics in the world. By creating algorithms and data structures, they will be able to graduate with the skills necessary to write software that solves practical problems.

Law Courses In Australia For International Students

Students are trained in Australia for positions in advanced research, the development of public policy, the public service, tertiary teaching, and professional leadership. Students get to collaborate with some of the most skilled and brilliant professors in the world. The degree will provide them a thorough understanding of the role and purpose of law as well as a better understanding of how it affects and influences virtually every aspect of their lives. Australia offers a variety of opportunities for students to apply their legal knowledge in the real world, including internships, clinical placements, student competitions, and exchanges.

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