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Empower Your Future: Exclusive Scholarships for Indonesian Women at the University of Sunderland


 Studying abroad is an exciting and transformative experience that offers numerous benefits. From gaining a global perspective to enhancing career opportunities, international education broadens horizons and opens doors to new possibilities. If you're an Indonesian student with a dream of studying overseas, finding the right university and securing scholarships can be crucial steps in your journey.

One university that stands out for its commitment to international students and offering generous scholarships is the University of Sunderland. Located in the UK, this institution is dedicated to providing high-quality education and fostering a diverse and inclusive environment. Let's explore why studying at the University of Sunderland, which offers fully funded scholarships in the UK, could be the perfect choice for you.

Why Study at the University of Sunderland?

Choosing to study at the University of Sunderland offers several advantages:

1. High-Quality Education

The University of Sunderland is known for its excellent teaching standards and innovative research. Here, you will learn from experienced professors and industry experts who are passionate about their fields and committed to helping you succeed.

2. Supportive Environment

Studying abroad can be challenging, but at the University of Sunderland, you will find a welcoming and inclusive campus community that feels like a second home. The university offers a range of support services to help you settle in, including academic support, mental health services, and dedicated international student advisors.

3. World-class Facilities

The University of Sunderland boasts leading edge facilities that enhance your learning experience. From modern lecture halls and well-equipped labs to creative studios and comprehensive libraries, you will have access to the resources you need to succeed.

4. Career Opportunities

One of the standout benefits of studying at the University of Sunderland is its strong emphasis on employability. The university offers various career services, including internships, work placements, and career counselling. These opportunities help you gain practical experience and build a professional network, making you more competitive in the job market.

5. Cultural Enrichment

Located in a vibrant city with access to historical and cultural sites, the University of Sunderland offers more than just academic education. You will have the chance to immerse yourself in a rich cultural experience, explore new places, and meet people from diverse backgrounds.

Exclusive Scholarships at the University of Sunderland for Indonesian Students

The University of Sunderland offers exclusive scholarships to encourage talented Indonesian students to pursue higher education in the UK. One notable scholarship is the Full Tuition and Accommodation Scholarship for aspiring female creatives. This scholarship is part of the university's commitment to offering full scholarships for international students in the UK. It aims to support and empower women in Media, Film, and The Arts, addressing gender inequality and underrepresentation in these fields.

Lead The Change In 2024 With A Full Tuition And Accommodation Scholarship

The University of Sunderland is committed to nurturing the talents of future female leaders in creative industries. This UK scholarship provides full tuition and accommodation, making it a fully funded scholarship in the UK, giving recipients the support they need to excel in their studies and careers.

Eligible Courses:

Semester 1: MA Design

Semester 2: MA Media Production (Film and Television)


To be eligible for this exclusive scholarship, applicants must:

  • Women students from any of the following countries: the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, or China.
  • Be a graduate or in the final year of a relevant undergraduate course with a predicted 2:1 (or equivalent) and have no other postgraduate qualifications;.
  • Meet the English language proficiency requirements set by the university.
  • Demonstrate a strong interest and potential in the 

Scholarship Award

This scholarship covers:

  1. Full Tuition Fees: All tuition costs are covered, allowing you to focus entirely on your studies.
  2. Accommodation: Free accommodation for the duration of your course, providing a comfortable and supportive living environment.

Application Process

The application process involves several stages:

Application Form: Show your interest by completing an application form by the specified deadlines for Semester 1 or Semester 2 courses. You will need to answer the question, "Why do Women in the Arts matter?" in up to 800 characters.

  1. For Semester 1 courses: Applications must be submitted by Friday, 31 May 2024.
  2. For Semester 2 courses: Applications must be submitted by Friday, 26 July 2024.

Creative Video Submission: Shortlisted students will be invited to submit a 60-second video explaining "What would you do as a woman in the Arts?" showcasing their creativity and vision.

Additional Responsibilities

Recipients of this scholarship will also be required to:

Become a Student Ambassador or Course Representative, playing a pivotal role in representing the student community and promoting the university.

Interview: Finalists will be interviewed by the university's faculty panel. Successful applicants will be notified by the end of May (for Semester 1 courses) or September (for Semester 2 courses).


If you have been successful in stage 2 of the application, you will be invited to a 30-minute interview.

Interviews will take place:

  • For SEMESTER 1 courses: week commencing 8 th and 15th July 2024
  • For SEMESTER 2 courses: week commencing 9 th and 16th September 2024

University of Sunderland x AECC

We, at AECC, a leading study abroad consultancy with offices in Bali, Jakarta, and Surabaya, offer a wide range of services including course counselling, admission support, visa support, and scholarships. This collaboration between aecc and the University of Sunderland ensures that Indonesian students receive comprehensive support throughout their application process and their academic journey in the UK.

The University of Sunderland's full tuition and accommodation scholarship for aspiring female creatives from Indonesia is a remarkable opportunity to study at a prestigious UK institution.

With AECC, Indonesian students can navigate the application process with ease and take a significant step towards a successful career in the creative industries.

Book an appointment with our counsellors today to benefit from this fully funded scholarship in the UK that not only provides financial assistance but also empowers women to become leaders and innovators in their respective fields.

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