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A Popular Choice of Students wanting to Study Abroad - Curtin, Singapore


Singapore is a country that has been constantly rising as a popular destination for international students. Known for its diverse culture, world-class education, and vibrant city life, the island nation offers a unique experience for those seeking to study abroad.

With its highly developed infrastructure, cutting-edge technology, and progressive approach to education, Singapore provides a thriving environment for students from all over the world. Whether you are looking for academic excellence, professional opportunities, or cultural immersion, this city-state has something to offer everyone.

So, why should you consider Curtin Singapore as your study-abroad destination? To answer this question, we bring some interesting snippets from a recent conversation between Miss Carmen Wong, the Director of Marketing admissions at Curtin Singapore, and Mr. Daryl Fong, COO of AECC 

Learning Environment on a New Campus

When asked why Curtin, Singapore had decided to move to its new location and what benefits are there in its new surroundings, Carmen explained that Curtin Singapore's new campus is located within a single science campus which is home to over 350 multinational companies and laboratories. This creates opportunities for colleagues and students to collaborate, engage, and also build successful relationships with industry professionals, organizations, and researchers. 'The Singapore Science Park II' is a technology and development center and the campus here focuses strongly on research, innovation, and also entrepreneurship.

Curtin, Singapore offers a wide range of both formal as well as informal learning spaces as a part of the on-campus facilities like:

  • Common rooms
  • Computer labs,
  • Counseling rooms,
  • A purpose-built security lab,
  • Comprehensive and engaging new library space
  • Brand new teaching spaces with the latest audio and visual facilities.
  • Recreational facilities, including a student union hub, and food and food and drink facilities developers

Simply put, the new location allows the campus to be a hub for researchers or innovators, along with colleagues from all across the global campuses which allows them to enjoy the benefits of joint projects as well. 

Varied Range of 2023's Popular Courses to Choose from

Curtin Singapore offers a range of courses for students to choose from, including diploma programs, bachelor's degrees, and master's programs.

  • Popular Bachelor's Degree Programs:
    • Bachelor of Commerce: A program aimed at building students' business skills and broadening their knowledge of international business culture, the Bachelor of Commerce is a popular choice among students. It can be completed in two years on a full-time basis with single or double majors.
  • New Programs:
    • IT, Data Science, and Cybersecurity: With the focus on building a robust digital infrastructure and a talent pool in the region, Curtin Singapore has introduced new programs in IT, data science, and cybersecurity to meet the industry demand. These programs are in partnership with industry leaders like Cisco.
    • MBA Program: Curtin Singapore's MBA program is an internationally recognized qualification for middle and senior managers looking to enhance their careers. It offers two different entry pathways and is shaped by industry leaders through an MBA Advisory Board. This is the first time the MBA program is being offered outside of Australia.

Here is a glimpse into the course offerings at Curtin Singapore. Whether you're interested in business, technology, or advancing your management skills, they have something for everyone. There are many new degree additions also being planned in the coming year.

Unique Academic Advantages at Curtin Singapore

While the availability of courses and cross-campus study options may vary, the students at Curtin still experience the best of Australian education at the Singapore campus.

  • Timetabling Benefits:
    • Trimester Calendar for the shorter course duration
    • Lower tuition fee rate compared to other campuses
  • Academic Support:
    • Smaller class sizes for more one-to-one attention from lecturers
    • Collaborative and hands-on coursework in an intimate setting
    • Cross-campus experience for global exposure

These benefits make Curtin Univesity, Singapore, a popular choice for students who are exploring options to pursue their studies abroad.

Tuition Fees & Financial Support for Curtin Singapore

The tuition fees for Curtin Singapore vary depending on the degree and the student's residency status (local/international). Bachelor's degrees range from SGD 35,000 to 40,000 for local students and SGD 30,000 to 58,000 for international students whereas Master's degrees have the same tuition fees for both local and international students.

Tuition fees are quoted in Singapore dollars which is 40-50% lower compared to the main campus in Perth. The shorter course duration in Singapore (2-3 years) lowers the living costs as well.

Curtin Singapore also offers financial support for about 25% of academic scholarships for eligible international students. This scholarship is applicable for the first enrolled program and ranges from SGD 2,500 to 6,000 depending on the course. The scholarship aims to support and encourage international students to study in Singapore.

Average Cost of Living as a Student in Singapore

Contrary to the common belief that Singapore is one of the most expensive cities to live in, the cost of living as a student in Singapore is actually quite affordable. This is because students typically do not have the same expenses as expats or tourists and are not looking to purchase expensive items like a house or a car. Let's take a look at the various factor that can help students to have an idea of the average cost of living in Singapore.

  • Monthly Budget for Students

The recommended monthly budget for students in Singapore is estimated to be between SGD 1650 and SGD 3100, covering expenses such as accommodation, transportation, food, communication, and Wi-Fi access at home.

  • Transportation

The public transportation system in Singapore is reliable, convenient, and affordable, making it a cost-effective option for students. This eliminates the need for students to purchase a car, reducing their overall living expenses.

  • Accommodation

Although the Singapore campus does not have its own on-campus hostel facilities, there are plenty of accommodation options available including public housing and private apartments. Students can choose between a single bedroom or shared accommodation, and the university can assist in pairing students with a housing agent to find a suitable option.

  • Facilities

Many of the apartments available for rent come with shared facilities such as a kitchen, living room, and sometimes even a pool or barbeque area. This allows students to save on living expenses while still enjoying comfortable and convenient living arrangements.

Curtin University provides support for students in finding suitable accommodation options, and the convenient and affordable transportation system makes it easy for students to get around the city.

Perks of Studying in Singapore

Singapore is considered one of the safest countries in the world, with a low crime rate and a transparent legal system, backed by highly trained law enforcement and supportive citizens. You'll also have access to top-notch healthcare, an efficient transport system, and a wide range of recreational activities. In other words, you'll get to study, work, and play in one of the best cities in the world.

Moving to a new country can be overwhelming, but with Singapore, the transition is a breeze. You'll see people from different cultures, and the food options reflect this diversity. With the official language being English and other languages like Mandarin, Malay, and Tamil spoken, communication won't be a problem.

And that's not all, Singapore is a global hub for business with a supportive government and friendly policies, making it a hot spot for multinational corporations like Google, Facebook, Dyson, Pfizer, and PNG. It's no wonder Singapore aims to be the fourth largest economy in the world by 2030, attracting not only students but also talents from all over the world.

Getting a student visa for Singapore is a straightforward process, with the support of the admissions office. The visa application is done through the Singapore Immigration Portal and takes approximately two to four weeks to process. Upon successful application, you'll receive an In-Principle Approval (IP) letter, which you'll present at Changi Airport upon arrival. During orientation week, you'll collect your student pass and card, allowing you to study, work, and explore Singapore.

Why Choose Curtin University

Not only is Curtin ranked in the top 1% of universities globally, but it offers students a diverse community of classmates from all over the world. With a faculty of experienced and globally-minded educators, students will receive a top-quality Australian education within an Asian context, giving them a well-rounded and globally-focused education.

Imagine learning from classmates hailing from different countries such as Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, China, India, and Germany, and being exposed to diverse problem-solving methods and cultural traditions. These benefits extend beyond the classroom, shaping students' critical thinking skills and professional network for a lifetime.

For local students, studying at Curtin Singapore offers the advantage of being close to home and affordable, while for Malaysian students, it's just a short trip across the causeway. With fees that are much more affordable in Singapore, students can save on living costs while still receiving a world-class education.

And for those who value their time, Curtin Singapore offers a Fast-track degree option, with intakes in February, July, and November, allowing students to complete their bachelor's degree in just two years. This option is especially beneficial for Singaporean students who have a national service commitment, as they can catch up with their peers and graduate faster.

For an even more immersive global experience, students at Curtin Singapore also have the option to study part of their curriculum at the Perth campus, fully immersing themselves in a truly international environment.

In a nutshell, Curtin University Singapore offers students a one-of-a-kind education with a diverse community, top-ranked faculty, and the option for a cross-campus global experience - all at an affordable cost.

Wrapping up

University education is about much more than just obtaining a degree. It's a journey of learning and growth, both academically and personally.

At Curtin University Singapore, you'll not only receive a top-ranked education, but you'll also have the opportunity to develop essential soft skills by being immersed in a diverse and international community. These skills, along with your academic qualifications, are what will set you apart in today's competitive job market.

So why settle for just a degree when you can have a truly holistic learning experience that will benefit you for a lifetime? Choose Curtin University Singapore and give yourself the gift of a well-rounded education.

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