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Why Study Data Science

Data Science, in layman’s terms, is a field of study that uses scientific techniques, processes, and algorithms, to extract valuable information from unorganised and cluttered data and use that data across a wide range of applications and knowledge fields. 

With the combined wisdom of mathematics, statistics, information science, programming and artificial intelligence, studying data science will teach you the science behind converting data into reliable and accurate information.

One of the most technologically advanced and highly-relevant fields of study, several data science courses have been formulated,  making it one of the hottest careers in the world for aspiring students to pursue and excel in.

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Benefits of Studying Data Science Abroad

The Harvard Business Review accords Data Science as one of the most in-demand courses recently, pushing the demand for skilled professionals worldwide. Here are five reasons why data science would be the perfect choice for you if you are someone with strong analytical abilities.
Significance in Business Decisions
Finance may be the lifeblood of business, but it's data that holds the reins. From strategy to control, data is key to an organisation’s functioning. In this digital age, information is wealth, and studying data science courses gives you the treasure map to help you learn and understand the intricacies of data science and related disciplines.

Rise in Job Opportunities & Salaries
The US Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts that by 2026, there will be 11.5 million jobs in data science and analytics worldwide. For a course as futuristic yet elementary as data science, the supply of skilled professionals is still low, thus hiking the demand for data scientists across all industries. The average salary for data scientists has increased significantly in recent years, and presently a data scientist with decent experience has an earning capacity of up to $1,44,481 per annum.
Industry Relevance
Data science is how you interpret the data - which means no matter the industry or domain, your data interpretation skills would indisputably be valuable. From healthcare and finance to marketing and education - where there are consumers, there’s always a need for reliable information to analyse and predict trends and consumer patterns.



Government Funding and Initiatives

With government investments and initiatives to promote higher education courses in AI, data science and related disciplines, there are multiple career opportunities across the globe for data scientists, data analysts, machine-learning specialists, AI engineers, etc. Globally, there are multiple career opportunities across all industries since analysing and studying data is crucial to understanding consumer trends and deriving useful marketing insights. 

study data science abroad

How to Study Data Science Abroad?

Considering its importance in the global economic scenario, several data science courses have been formulated globally for students' benefit. Here’s a brief on the popular data science courses and the application process for the best data science courses abroad

Listed below are some of the best undergraduate courses in Data Science for international students.


Undergraduate Programs



Business Intelligence & Information Systems 

James Cook University, Singapore


Business Data Analytics

Arizona State University, USA


Social Data Science

University of Maryland, USA


Computational and Data Sciences

George Mason University, USA


Data Science and Machine-Learning

Red River College, Canada


Data Analytics and Actuarial Science

CITY, University of London, London


Data Science, AI & Digital Business

GISMA Business School, Germany


Data Analytics and Systems Engineering

University of Colorado, USA


Data Science and Analytics

Western Sydney University, Australia


Applied Data Analytics

The University of Adelaide, Australia

Listed below are some of the best postgraduate courses in Data Science for international students.


Postgraduate Programmes



Business Intelligence System Infrastructure

Algonquin College, Canada


Data Analytics for Business Decision Making

Durham College, Canada


Data Analytics and Computational Social Science

University Of Massachusetts, USA


Applied Social Data Science

The University of Exeter, UK


Media, Data and Society

University of Liverpool, UK


The Internet of Things with Data Analytics

Bournemouth University, UK


Data Science, Management and Processing

Monash University, Australia


Health Data Analytics and Machine-Learning

Imperial College London, UK


Health Data Science

University of New South Wales, Australia


Business Intelligence & Information Systems

James Cook University, Singapore

How to Apply to Bachelor’s and Master’s Programs in Data Science?

To study a Bachelor’s course in Data science, you need to ensure the following:
Fulfil the eligibility requirements mandated by the universities, including educational background, English language requirement, financial sufficiency, etc., to make your application successful.

Graduate from a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) background, satisfying the minimum score requirements.
Draft an attractive Statement of Purpose (SOP) highlighting your academic achievements, professional experience if any, volunteering activities, areas of interest, etc., to make sure your SOP stands out.
To apply for and get your visa and study permit on time, and also plan your arrival before the start of term.

To study a Master’s course in Data science, you need to ensure the following:
Minimum percentage of marks in a relevant course from a recognized university.
Have a clear cut-off for the entrance tests, if any.
Attend any online or offline personal interviews/assessments which might take place after the entrance test to establish your eligibility for the course in the particular university.

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Top Countries To Study Data Science Courses Abroad

Listed below are the top study-abroad countries for data science courses.

The USA is the dream study-abroad destination for students worldwide for all reasons tech. Here are a few noteworthy points to pursuing data science in the USA. 


  • From economic infrastructure to research facilities, the USA is one of the prime destinations for pursuing on-demand courses and careers abroad. 
  • The USA is one of the best countries to explore study-abroad opportunities in courses such as Big Data, Data Analytics, Machine-Learning, Computational Science, Artificial Intelligence, etc. 
  • From Crunchbase, Google, Oracle to Databricks, some of the biggest tech companies are in the USA pushing the demand for employment opportunities in data science, analytics and related fields.

The UK is one of the most lucrative study destinations for data science, with some of the best universities and companies to help students achieve their academic and career objectives. Here are our two cents on why the UK would be an excellent choice for a data science course. 


  • One of the top reasons to study master’s in data science in the UK is the government initiatives that have helped the sector flourish over the last decade. 
  • With investments of £45 million for higher education courses in AI, data science and related disciplines, these government initiatives have given rise to multiple career opportunities across the globe, especially in the UK.
  • The UK is home to several reputed Big Data and AI firms, including Benevolent AI, DeepMind, and FiveAI, which have a constant need for data scientists and machine-learning specialists.  

Canada is one of the most international student-friendly countries in the world, with nearly 600K students as of December 2021. Being one of the easiest countries to get a student visa from, here are some more reasons why you should choose Canada if data science is your calling! 


  • One of the most affordable countries to study, Canada is a high-tech country with lots of focus on world-leading research and development. 
  • The research conducted by CBIE (Canadian Bureau for International Education) shows that 60% of international students wish to pursue a career or higher education in Canada after their graduation.  
  • With an effective healthcare system, job opportunities, state-of-the-art infrastructure and an education system, studying and exploring career paths in Canada could be a dream come true for international students. 

Developed and laid-back, Australia is a little piece of heaven for those of you preferring an active yet relaxed lifestyle. Multicultural and economically advanced, Australia is one of the best countries to major in data science for the reasons mentioned below: 


  • According to Forbes magazine, Australia is ranked third for software engineering. A world leader in data science, Australia is renowned for its technological finesse and research facilities. 
  • The country ranks 3rd in the world for high-quality research papers per capita, with 11 Australian universities ranking in the top 200 for research papers per capita. 
  • According to the QS world ranking 2022 report, seven cities in Australia rank as the best student cities.

Ireland has eight universities in the QS World University Rankings 2021, and all these universities offer data science courses. Listed below are some of the best things about Ireland that make it an ideal study destination for data science. 


  • Ireland is one of the best countries to study data science, and according to a Burtch-Works survey, 49% of people in Ireland hold a Master's degree, and 41% of people hold a PhD in Data Science.  
  • The Irish Data Science Academy (IDS) in Ireland functions with the core objective of growing and supporting the data science industry in Ireland. IDS receives support from tech giants like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft, as well as organisations like Enterprise Ireland. 
  • With more than 200 tech start-ups and top-ranked universities, Ireland provides abundant opportunities for higher education and career growth.
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Data Science Career Opportunities

From AI engineers to data scientists, there are multiple career opportunities in the tech fields for professionals globally. Let’s take a look at some of the best career options for a data science professional.

As an Actionable Business Insights (ABI) analyst: 

  • Understand market and business trends and develop a clearer picture of the company’s future marketing plans. 
  • Derive valuable information from business intelligence data and tools to identify and monitor current and potential customers. 
  • Use company data, industry and field reports, and public information, to compile business intelligence reports and recommend appropriate marketing strategies to improve sales.
Data Science is one of the hottest and most relevant courses to study abroad, given its immeasurable importance in everything from healthcare to FMCG. In this digital age, data is the lifeblood of a business - and being able to study and interpret data could be one of the best career skills if you’re interested in the mechanics of identifying diamonds in the rough. 

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