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The Lakehead Potential: Celebrating Student Success Stories


Studying abroad, be it doing a diploma abroad or a full-blown master's course leading to research, all hinges on one important factor: the feeling. How welcome you feel at your college and how invigorating your academic journey is. Do your lecturers show a genuine interest in your scholastic pursuits? Does the university have the facilities for you to explore and experiment with your ideas? These are some of the questions that we often come across and have answers for.

Lakehead University, one of Canada's globally top-ranking universities, is one such place that nurtures the spirit of the students. From business administration and engineering to law and the humanities, the university offers students an education that goes beyond the books. Education that nurtures the mind and invigorates the spirit.

Here we have compiled a few snippets of student experiences at Lakehead University to shed light on how studying in Canada is much more than pursuing an international degree. 

The Lakehead University Experience Through Student Eyes

One of the top universities in Canada, Lakehead is renowned for its:

  • Quality of education and faculty support
  • Opportunities for hands-on learning and research
  • Campus life and community engagement
  • Access to resources and facilities
  • Career development and internship opportunities

Owing to the university's unwavering focus on student satisfaction and growth, it is no surprise that their students feel happier, better, and surer that they have made the right choice—choosing to study at a university that makes learning joyful. 

Have a look at these testimonials from current students who from diverse backgrounds are now enjoying a truly Canadian experience - both academically and culturally.

Here's Ms Hai Yen Hoang from Vietnam, a Film, Media and Communications student at Lakehead University. Ms Hoang shares her experience at Lakehead from her very first few days at the university and how it soon became her home away from home.
We have another young student Ms Wai Kei Chan from Malaysia doing her Bachelors in Social Work recount how her experiences of volunteering and being a part of student communities in Lakehead transformed her university life for the better.
Our very own Indonesian student, Mr. I Made Agus Julianto, pursuing a Master of Science in Archaeological Sciences, shares how the facilities and study environment at Lakehead helped him ace his research project. He feels that the community at the International Student Centre at Lakehead provides an amicable and engaging environment for people from diverse backgrounds, making them feel at home at the university and with each other.
Alumni stories too are equally inspiring. We have an Environmental Science graduate, Ms Michelle Parker from Malaysia, expressing her gratitude to the university committee for granting her the MITACS Research Award which enabled her to complete her thesis and enhance her research acumen.

Why Choose Lakehead University for a Truly Canadian Experience?

Times Higher Education rankings ranks Lakehead as the top North American University with under 9000 students. Here are top five reasons why Lakehead could be the right choice for you:

Popular Courses: Lakehead offers a wide range of sought-after programs, including Environmental Studies, Engineering, Business Administration, Nursing, and Psychology, tailored to meet diverse academic interests and career goals.

University Highlights: With a focus on experiential learning, research excellence, and community engagement, Lakehead provides an environment that helps students thrive academically and personally. This commitment to innovation and sustainability sets Lakehead apart as a forward-thinking, student-first institution.

Student Community: Lakehead tops the list as one of Canada's most inclusive and international student-friendly universities. The university has a vibrant and inclusive student community, characterised by collaboration, diversity, and a strong sense of belonging.

Campus Facilities: From modern classrooms and well-equipped laboratories to leading edge research centres and recreational amenities, Lakehead provides students with access to top-notch facilities that enhance their learning and overall campus experience.

Scholarships: Lakehead offers generous scholarships of up to $40,000 for both undergraduate and graduate courses. These scholarships are awarded based on academic performance and require no application.

Lakehead offers a distinctive and practical curriculum packaged with a congenial study environment and an inclusive student community, easily becoming one of the top Canadian universities for international students. If you're all about a true Canadian experience, Lakehead University is just the place for you.

Why Choose AECC? 

AECC provides end-to-end educational consultancy services with a sole objective of making studying abroad an enjoyable affair. Like Lakehead, we have university partners from throughout the world to make international education accessible to all.

If you too want to have a transformative study experience that propels you to the future you have dreamed of, get in touch with our education experts right away.

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