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Why Choose the Queensland University of Technology & it's Top 3 Courses


What is it about technology that fascinates everybody? Its all-pervasiveness or the abundant scope it offers for innovation and reliability? One of the most crucial man-made creations, technology inspires and incites us to learn, research and develop newer concepts and theories for a better and more meaningful life.

Learning important concepts provides an in-depth understanding of the latest developments and industry trends, preparing you for a successful career in technology. This is where Queensland University of Technology (QUT) deserves special mention, because of its innovative teaching methods and course structure.

But that's not all. Let's discuss more reasons why you should pick QUT if technology is your calling! 

5 Reasons Why You Should Be Studying at QUT

One of the top 50 universities in Australia and ranked #213 by the QS World University Rankings, 2022, QUT is an ideal place to explore academic opportunities for a successful career abroad.

Studying at the Queensland University of Technology  will offer you a holistic experience due to the following reasons:

1. Student-Friendliness

QUT boasts an international student population of 22%, making it one of the most student-friendly universities in Australia. The university provides exemplary student support services such as language support, career development, leadership and management skills, assessment and personality development skills, etc., to help international students get the best learning experience abroad.

2. Affordable Accommodation

The university helps students find the right option out of various accommodation services, including student residential complexes, residential colleges, and agent-operated student accommodation. The university also has close links with various housing service providers to help them find affordable residences that are conveniently close to the campus.

3. Avid Research Facilities

With dedicated research facilities for multiple fields including Agriculture and Bioeconomy, Behavioural Economics, Society and Technology, Future Enterprise, Genomics and Personalised Health, and Digital Media and Data Science, QUT is well-known for its research-focussed centres funded by the Australian Research Council. If you're invested in research and aspire to have a career in R&D, QUT is the place for you.

4. Fees and Scholarship

Attention International Students! This piece of information about QUT-funded scholarships can make your day and your future too if you decide on pursuing your favourite course at QUT.

On receiving a QUT-funded scholarship, you won't need to pay tuition fees for your research degree, on condition that you complete your degree within:

  • a maximum of 4 years full-time (or equivalent) for doctoral students (PhD and professional doctorate)
  • a maximum of 2 years full-time (or equivalent) for research masters students.

In addition to research-focused courses, the university also offers bursaries for international students at fixed rates based on their academic performance, financial background, ethnicity, excellence in sports, etc. 

5. Transformative Learning Experience

By integrating education with work skills, QUT enables students to develop their professional and entrepreneurial skills through their platform QUTeX for a transformative learning experience and holistic development.

During the course, you can also apply for for-credit work experience and get access to industry-specific events and programs to explore and find the right career opportunities. You can also utilise QUT's UniHub - your one-stop shop to find part-time or casual work. 

Top 3 Courses in Queensland University of Technology (QUT)

According to the QS Subject Rankings, QUT is ranked #75 in Education and Education Research, #85 in Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, and #97 in Material Sciences owing to its world-class teaching and research facilities. Listed below are the top technology courses in QUT:

1. Bachelor of Information Technology

With detailed modules on software development and networked systems, pursuing a bachelor's course in Information Technology would help you gain the necessary technology skills and business knowledge to set you on the right career path.

Here's why you should pursue a bachelor course on Information Technology at QUT:

  • With a computer science major, you'll be able to understand advanced concepts like software and networked systems, with specific expertise in topics such as information security, networks and communications, intelligent systems, data-centric computing, and user experience from some of the best IT experts in the world.
  • Concepts like computational and simulation science will enable you to understand mathematical models with the use of computers to gain insights from a range of scientific application areas.

2. Bachelor of Data Science 

One of the most technologically advanced and highly-relevant fields of study, several data science courses have been formulated, making it one of the hottest careers in the world for aspiring students to pursue and excel in.

Here's why you should choose QUT for a degree in Data Science:

  • Finance may be the lifeblood of business, but it's data that holds the reins. From strategy to control, data is key to an organisation's functioning. In this digital age, information is wealth and courses like master's in data science give you the blueprint you need to learn and understand the intricacies of data science.
  • The university specialises in blended learning by ensuring a balance between theory and hands-on, technology-dependent practical skills. With modern software, specialist methods and well-defined algorithms, the course offers advanced knowledge on futuristic concepts like data ethics, data protection and communication.

3. Bachelor of Games and Interactive Environments

If Fruit Ninja or Hellboy perk your interest up, then you're at the best place at the best time. A bachelor course in Games and Interactive Environments is a one-of-a-kind course at QUT, and one of its best courses in technology too. Let's see why you should choose QUT for this course:

  • The course offers three choices in majors - Animation, Game Design, and Software Technologies. Covering both the technical and creative aspects of game development, QUT offers both the subject knowledge and the practical skills required to discover your strengths and apply your creative insights.
  • With strong connections to native games industries as well as other industry partners in gaming technology, QUT offers you the opportunity to work alongside and be a part of popular and much-loved game titles such as Hellboy, Fruit Ninja, the children's game Viva Pinata Party Animals and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.
  • The university's state-of-the-art infrastructure, motion capture studios and virtual reality projects give you ample experience to explore the latest in the world of technology.

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