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Why Study Business & Management At Monash University?


Owing to the growing importance of corporate culture and entrepreneurship in this day and age, business management skills are fundamental to doing business the right way. According to research by the Department of Education in Australia, nearly a quarter of university students enrol in management or commerce courses.

Though there are many avenues to learning Business Studies, it's imperative to identify the course that works for you based on the kind of specialised learning it offers. Thorough knowledge of business management principles is a prerequisite for a sparkling corporate career.

You need solid business management skills to:

  • Manage clients, a team of employees, creditors, and vendors
  • Negotiate with partners and create meaningful business relationships
  • To helm a successful business

Educational Institutions like Monash University for instance, have specialisations designed to give you an in-depth understanding of Business Studies and Management in a corporate environment.

Let's discuss the benefits of studying business studies and management courses at Monash University and how to apply for a Monash University Business Degree.

Why You Should Take A Business Studies & Management Course at Monash University

Monash is one of the Group-of-Eight (Go8) universities in Australia known for being research-intensive, offering world-class education and research facilities. Furthermore, the Go8 universities receive almost 71 percent of Australian Competitive Grant (Category 1) funding and have the largest proportion of research fields, rated at 4 or 5 in the Excellence for Research Australia (ERA).

Monash University offers more than just dynamic courses with a competent curriculum. They also provide blended learning and career counselling, making it ideal for you to analyse the skills that best suit your career aspirations.

The Business Management course at Monash enables students to focus on business holistically and promote sustainability. Understanding the many aspects of running a company, such as Accounting, Strategy, Finance, Marketing, etc., is crucial in managing it efficiently.

Still, how unique is Monash when it comes to Business Management? Ranked #57 in the world by the QS Subject Rankings, 2022, the Bachelor of Business and Management course at Monash University offers in-depth knowledge in the following fields:

  • Accountancy
  • Business administration studies
  • Economics and business decisions
  • Finance and economics
  • Management practice
  • Marketing and communications

That's not all!

Monash also allows you to choose your area of specialisation and customise your course to align with your academic goals. Neat, isn't it? You can choose a major and focus on the subjects that complement it. So, by the end of your course, you'll acquire advanced knowledge in your major field while also getting down to the nitty-gritty of Business.

Practical Learnings:

As fundamental as theory is, it's essential to understand the practical nuances of business management. This is yet another reason to choose Monash because as the saying goes- only when you do, you understand.

With digital tools to augment a practical learning experience, Monash offers a treasure chest of robust learning modules that aid decision-making in real-life business scenarios.

Entry Requirements

  • Year 12 in Australia or an equivalent overseas qualification
  • For international students, as a part of the Direct Entry program, you need to complete Foundation Year with Monash University or partner universities to develop the necessary academic and communication skills required to excel in the undergraduate course at the university.

Foundation Year Program highlights

Entry Requirements


Course Structure


SMA 2 - 65%, SMA 3 - 60%

Duolingo: 85 plus performance in long turn answers

IELTS: 5.5 (writing 5.5; no band PTE (Academic): 42 (W42; no communicative skills below 36),
or TOEFL iBT: 52 (L5, R5, S14, W19)

12 - 18 months

2 semesters - 32 weeks

IDR 132.500

Post completion of the Foundation Year, graduates get guaranteed entry into Monash University undergraduate courses.

Monash University has partnered with Jakarta International College (JIC) to offer the Foundation Year program for the students from Indonesia. Have a look at Our Partners page for more information about the facilities at JIC.

Once you've cleared the Foundation Year Program with good scores, you're all set for the undergraduate course at one of the best universities to study business management!

Read on to know more about how to apply for the course of your choice at Monash University. 

How to Apply to the Business and Management Course at Monash University?

Upon completion of the Foundation Year Program and fulfillment of the entry requirements, you must list five courses in the order of your preference, and email the same to the university's point of contact. Make note of the following points:

  • If you meet the requirements, the university will accept your application for the first course you had listed on the course preference form.
  • On the contrary, if you fail to meet the requirements for the same, it will evaluate your suitability for the other courses mentioned in the form and send out an offer for the course most suitable for your skills.
  • If you're not suitable for any of the courses mentioned in the form, the university will automatically consider your application for the Monash College Diploma in the chosen field.

After submitting your course preference and receiving the offer, you need to submit your acceptance of the offer. But before you do, please bear the following steps in mind:

  • Complete the deposit payment and send the duly filled International Student Course Agreement (ISCA) to Central Admissions or online via your my.app portal.
  • Understand the payment requirements as indicated in the ICSA and fulfil the same through the accepted modes of payment.
  • Send the signed ICSA and evidence of payment before the prescribed lapse date to the Central Admissions at Monash University.
  • Within five working days after receiving the required documents, the university will email a Confirmation of Enrollment (CoE) to your email, which you could use to apply for your student visa.

And now, you're almost done and ready to begin your academic journey at Monash! All that's left for you to do:

  • Enrol in the units prescribed for the semester online as soon as you receive the CoE, because failure to do so before the deadline would disqualify your enrollment for the immediate semester. Get started with enrollment to commence your course in due time.
  • Analyse your CoE and plan your arrival according to the course commencement date mentioned in the Certificate. If you wish to defer the course commencement or change the course preference, ensure to provide the updated CoE to the Australian Department of Home Affairs.
  • Lastly, you must be 17 years or older on the date of enrollment to join the bachelor's course, and if you're under 18, you must ensure that necessary arrangements are in place during your study at Monash.

Whether you choose to be a corporate icon or an entrepreneur of your own right, a business and management course at Monash would nurture your ambition by providing top-standard education and practical resources to help pave your way to a successful career.

No, it is not a clichéd statement because Monash offers career connect - a platform wherein students get access to workshops, seminars, and skill development programs, to improve their employability. From helping students with drafting a professional resume to career planning and job market insights, Career Connect helps students land the career of their dreams.

And what puts Monash on the list of top universities to study business management in is the excellent student support it offers. Through volunteering, clubs, and societies, the university facilitates holistic learning and promotes applied learning.

Student Futures, for instance, is an online tool designed for students to help them keep track of and improve their employability skills, while also showcasing the same to potential employers.

Oh, and did we tell you about the Virtual Experience Programs?

  • As the cherry on top, Forage's Virtual Experience Programs feature self-paced virtual modules designed to enable the students to gain real-world experience through virtual work scenarios.
  • Designed by top corporations, this program is similar to traditional internships with specified tasks and activities to make the interns get work-ready.

A Monash University Business Degree is the launchpad you need if crisp suits and a sparkling corporate job have always been your dream. Apply to the business studies and management course at Monash University right away to make your career aspirations a reality.


3. How to make unit changes?

If you wish to change the units enrolled, you can either add or withdraw units keeping in mind the cut-off dates for the same. 

4. How do I change my course preferences?

You can change your course preferences or defer studies by submitting a request in Form 2. 

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