Highlights From the Interview with Dr Andrew Flaus, University of Galway

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The University of Galway is one of the best universities in Ireland, with world-class research, a welcoming environment and teaching excellence. But that is already well-known – hear it from Dr Andrew Flaus, the Vice Dean of Internationalisation in the College of Science and Engineering, University of Galway, for better relevance on why the university would be an ideal place to achieve your academic goals and career objectives.

In his recent interview, Dr Andrew Flaus spoke about the university, its different course programmes, culture and diversity, scholarships, etc., through a series of Q&As – the gist of which is discussed below.

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Summary of the Interview with Dr Andrew Flaus

The interview shed light on a wide range of beneficial topics such as popular courses, culture, scholarships, and the benefits of STEM courses at the University of Galway. Here are the highlights from the interview for those of you interested in pursuing a course at the College of Science and Engineering - University of Galway.

1. Can you tell us about NUI Galway's College of Engineering?
Dr Flaus: The university is a 2-3 hour drive from Dublin and is one of the most beautiful campuses in Ireland. The College of Science and Engineering specialises in a wide range of courses from Anatomy to Zoology and is well-known for its excellence across all segments of Engineering.

2. What is the culture and learning style like at the University of Galway?
Dr Flaus: One of the most unique and wonderful parts about studying in the university is its friendly and welcoming environment. The lecturers are helpful and assist the students throughout their study-abroad journey to help them grow individually and develop their interests and skills.

3. Any advice or recommendations for Indonesian students wishing to pursue Engineering at the university?
Dr Flaus: If you're deciding to pursue Engineering here, then you'd be tremendously benefited because the university specialises in a wide range of Engineering courses – including Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic, Civil, Computer and Biomedical Engineering. The university also has some specially curated course programmes in Energy Systems and Electrical Engineering.

4. What about the scholarships for Indonesian students at the university?
Dr Flaus: The university encourages ambitious students to pursue their chosen course in-campus through scholarships from the Indonesian government and partial fee waivers to facilitate their study abroad goals.

5. Do you find any similarities between the Indonesian and the Irish way of life?
Dr Flaus: I've been to Indonesia a couple of times and find the Indonesian culture very similar to the Irish, in terms of the happy, friendly, easy-going and hard-working nature of the people – so Ireland will be a home away from home for Indonesian students.

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