Top 6 Reasons to Attend the AECC Global Education Fair 2022?

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Witness the big, most-awaited educational event for Indonesian students - the Global Education Fair (GEF) 2022.

The higher education sector has stepped up, and along with them, we are ready to guide you through every step of your educational journey through our GEF 2022. Suit up for a one-of-its-kind education event this October to launch your future sky-high! 

 What is the GEF 2022 all about?

From choosing a study destination to the right choice of programme to the visa application process, GEF 2022 serves as a one-stop destination that will answer all your questions and clarify any ambiguities in your future educational plans.

Are you dreaming of pursuing Fashion Designing in Australia or the US? Or Business management in Canada or Data Science in Malaysia, perhaps? Well, here's your golden ticket! Your dream study destinations and universities are attending the event to help meet your study abroad objectives.

Keep reading to understand the event in detail.

Time to suit up and turn your research mode on!

After a lazy few months of waiting for your high school or university results, taking a step forward can be exciting.

Your favourite study destinations are all set to welcome a fresh batch of aspiring students from all over the world to herald a future where students coexist in an equitable community that supports their personal and professional growth.

Crucial information including changes in visa regulations, post-study work permits, classes, scholarships, etc., have been elaborated by the respective study destinations and partner universities to address important student concerns on studying abroad. A gold mine of information in one place, people! And that is exactly why you need to attend the Global Education Fair 2022.

Globally renowned institutions from top study destinations like the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, the USA, Malaysia and New Zealand would be participating, which means you have the golden opportunity to have a one-on-one interaction with the representatives at the respective university booths.

Here are top six reasons why attending the GEF 2022 will be a launchpad for your career aspirations.

 1. One-on-one Interaction

Do you know what's more painful than getting hit on your funny bone? Broken internet during an important event telecast. But a physical event is one place where you don't have to worry about poor internet connectivity and get all your queries answered on the spot.

You get exclusive one-on-one sessions with the university representatives to answer all your questions and help you with the study-abroad objectives. 

2. Expert Career Counselling

There are a variety of courses for you to choose from, and we help you choose the right course based on your strengths to help launch your dream career. The participating universities at the event are globally renowned for their state-of-the-art infrastructure and teaching quality, particularly in fields like Fashion Designing, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine Learning and more!

3.Mapping your Admission Process

At GEF 2022, you will gain instant access to the required information on a course or university via Q&A sessions, student pep talks and career counselling, which will help streamline your admission process.

Our expert counsellors at AECC Global will guide you through the admission requirements and help boost your eligibility with various student services, including course selection, and Personality Assessment Tests (PAT), depending on your level of study and skill.

4.Easy Higher Education Planning  

If you're wondering how to move forward as an international student wanting to study abroad, GEF 2022 has all the answers. A futuristic education event, GEF 2022, offers valuable insights into the benefits of studying and pursuing a career abroad, along with tips and guidance on making the most of your higher education journey.

Post-event, you can rest assured that you have your study abroad planned to a Time, and you're sure about the next course of action.

5.Updates on Visa Applications

As stated earlier, countries such as the UK have made the rules more 'flexible'. Most study destinations offer post-study work visas to enable international students to explore and find a suitable career that meets their career aspirations.

6. Scholarship Details

Now, for the icing on the cake, our representatives would be available at the event to guide you on better utilisation of the financial assistance based on the selected course and university. So, what are you waiting for? Just register for GEF 2022 already!

Get uninterrupted access to all educational institutions, classes, courses, and visa-related information. GEF would be a tremendous opportunity to grow your network and enjoy the experience of attending a futuristic educational event.

Be a part of a global education phenomenon on October 15, 2022, and experience the best players in the world of education in one place. 

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