7 Places You Shouldn't Miss To Visit While Studying In UK

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7 Places You Shouldn't Miss To Visit While Studying In UK

Road map? Check.

Food & Snacks? Check.

Travel accessories? Check.

But what about the list of places you could visit while studying in the UK

The United Kingdom is full of breathtaking places. While studying in the UK, exploring places can be exciting and act as a source of knowledge about their history, culture, businesses, and trade. This Royal country is famous for its impressive castles, rooftop restaurants, serene landscapes, and umpteen historic ruins.

We've taken up the responsibility to be your guide & have curated the seven best places to visit while studying in the UK.

So sit back, dive straight in, and get ready to make some memories! 

1) Bath

Bath is situated in the South West of England. A city where you can ultimately relax for a refreshing experience because it is famously known as a living spa, where the mineral-rich resources regenerate your energy and senses. Student life can be a little stressful, so a visit to Bath could be a much-needed break.

2) Brighton

Brighton is a coastal city known for its wonderfully carved stone houses and beautiful beaches, with crystal blue waters. It is a modern, seaside resort town known as "London by the sea."

Some trains go right to the seaside town as well. There's a little something for everyone here - with so many restaurants, clubs, and unique flea markets, you're sure to have a gala time! Also, do make sure to visit the gentrified Regency squares and museums when you're here.

3) Lake District

Situated within the North West of England's mountainous region, a visit to the Lake District could be the best escapade for any nature lover. With exciting adventures like camping and trekking on the hilltops, the Lake District has attracted over 15 million-plus people every year.

After all, who would not be interested in climbing and hiking? If you yearn for a breathtaking experience, this is the place for you. Ensure that the Lake District is in your must-visit areas while studying in the UK.

4) Oxford

Oxford is famously called "The City of Dreaming Spires." This beautiful city is just an hour away from London. It is home to the oldest and world-famous university - Oxford.

Apart from Oxford University, there's more to experience like the other famous universities, delightful gardens, and the Pitt Rivers Museum. 

5) Edinburgh

Edinburgh is where one of the best New Year Eve parties is hosted every year. Edinburgh has a spectacular view to offer for anyone visiting the city with flames flickered in all directions through the old town's streets.

If you enjoy watching performances, Comedy shows, dance, or theater arts, the annual Edinburgh Fringe Festival is worth visiting while studying in the UK. Edinburgh's festival runs for three days and bedazzles; it's visitors with exotic parties and events. This traditional festival is considered one of the world's most prominent arts festivals and carries the grandeur of an elaborate torchlight procession on the royal mile.

6) Cambridge

Cambridge, the city hosting Britain's second best and the most ancient university - Cambridge University. Cambridge's charm is reflected in its grand architecture. Take a road trip through the River Cam or take a walking tour around this stunning city for an experience of a lifetime.

7) Liverpool

Home to the Beatles, Liverpool is a great place to visit for all music lovers. But if you think that Liverpool is just about the music, you have got it all wrong.

With theatre trips to fancy coffee shops, Liverpool is usually bustling with life. Add this city to your list of places as you should not miss visiting it while studying in the UK.

So what are you waiting for? It's time to make a bucket list with all the places mentioned above! Pack your bags, your camera and gather some friends when you head to the UK.

To start your adventure and witness these unique places while studying in the UK, contact us to get your study abroad plans kick started!

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