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Top Reasons to Study Engineering in the UK For a Successful Career


Here's a fun fact for you on Engineering - the word "Engineering" was derived from the Latin word "ingeniator", which means clever/native talent. How true, right? The top engineering inventions - from the internet and electricity, to the telephone and modern transport, are all the result of engineering creativity and passion.

Owing to its importance worldwide, there are multiple courses for different types of engineering globally - and there in lies the challenge of picking the right kind of course and university. While it is a widely common qualification, some universities are renowned for their expertise and teaching excellence, making them irresistible to pursue a degree in engineering.

The UK is well-known for the opportunities it provides to those pursuing engineering degrees. Let's discuss the top benefits of studying engineering in the UK and what makes it unmissable for international students!

Top Reasons to Study Engineering in the UK

Engineering opportunities are everywhere in the UK, from fancy cars to Big Ben to wonders abound, making it an excellent choice to study and pursue a career in engineering.

Here are the top 5 reasons to study Engineering in the UK: 

1. Scope for Innovation 

According to the World Innovation Index, 2021, the UK is the fourth most innovative country in terms of the most recent global innovation trends. There are ample opportunities to innovate, create, explore and test trending theories in all fields of engineering. From running shoes to traffic signal design, there's an engineer's touch in even the most common of aspects, thus paving the way for technological development and progress.

2. World-class teaching infrastructure

According to an independent study by Technopolis, the UK's engineering research is widely renowned for productivity and technical excellence. Home to some of the top universities in the world for engineering, the top universities in the UK are renowned for their sound infrastructure and research facilities, enabling students to experience the best education in engineering.

Also, the UK's rich history of engineering supremacy through pioneering over centuries of innovation and research, makes it a hotspot for leading engineers and firms worldwide.

3. Career Opportunities

Most universities in the UK have partnerships with leading organisations and engineering firms, to guide students in finding the right career opportunities in the UK and widen their network. From career counselling to post-study work opportunities, the UK provides graduates with seamless career support experience.

Given the country's finesse in the engineering domain, there is more demand for engineering graduates in the UK as engineering accounts for 18% of its employment. This makes the UK one of the largest employers of engineers in the world.

4. Ease of Choice

Irrespective of your engineering specialisation, universities across the UK have a satisfactory theory-to-practical ratio, offering dynamic internship and work-related skill-building opportunities. Whether you prefer the bustle of the city life or the tranquil of the countryside, the UK has something for everyone.

The sprawling, centuries-old universities on the country-side are as technologically equipped with world-leading facilities as their counterparts in the city, making the UK a much-preferred study-abroad destination for engineering. 

5. Diverse and Multicultural Landscape 

According to the Best Student Cities Rankings, 2023, two of the top 10 ranked cities are in the UK, with London leading the list because of its multicultural and inclusive landscape. There's been a 24.1% increase in the international student population in 2021-22 from 2016-17, and a total of 35% increase in their Indonesian student population during the decade.

Student-friendly, religiously tolerant and ethnically diverse, the UK is a haven for international students to meet the twin objectives of pursuing a successful career and experiencing a truly global lifestyle.

Why Choose Cranfield University for A Successful Career in Engineering?

According to the QS World University Rankings by Subject, Cranfield is ranked 27th in the world in 'Engineering - Mechanical, Aeronautical and Manufacturing' and one of the top 5 in the UK for Mechanical engineering.

Here are more reasons why you should choose Cranfield University for a postgraduate course in engineering: 

  • Variety of Courses

With 385 different engineering and allied courses to choose from, the university offers quite the variety of postgraduate courses, including popular streams like civil, mechanical, and aeronautical to the contemporary ones such as Defence and Security Engineering, Explosives Engineering, Risk and Reliability Engineering, etc.

  • Wide Range of Facilities

The university is equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, plenty of accommodation choices, multiple faith rooms, sports and recreation facilities, the Technology Park bustling with business and start-ups, and the cherry on top - its very own AIRPORT! How cool is that! Cranfield truly offers the best of both worlds - education and entertainment.

  • Research Excellence

According to the Research Excellence Framework, 88% of its research is classed as world-leading or internationally excellent. As a specialist postgraduate university in the UK, Cranfield accounts for over half the postgraduate students in the UK, specialising in aerospace engineering, automotive engineering and production and manufacturing - all research-intensive courses with extensive focus on practical skills and professional development.

  • Specialist Adult Teaching

Given the age and maturity of the learners, the university also has specialist faculty trained in andragogy, i.e., the methods and practice of teaching adult learners and imparting valuable education to them through the science of collaborative, problem-based adult learning.

All this supplemented with world-class labs and well-researched study materials help students gain advanced knowledge in their chosen domain and enhance their competency in their respective careers. 

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