Kami tahu bagaimana rasanya menjadi pelajar internasional

Kami memahami betapa pentingnya perjalanan ini, dan kami hadir di sini untuk memastikan pengalaman Anda sebagai pelajar internasional sesuai dengan yang Anda bayangkan

Meet Our Team

Daryl Fong
Daryl FongChief Operating Officer[email protected]
Daryl’s introduction to education started in 1987, and since then he has made a mark heading several notable student counselling and migration organisations all over the world. His stellar career saw Daryl travel all over the greater South East Asian region, East Asia, Europe and the Middle East in setting up offices, training staff, instituting operational excellence and maximising revenue on behalf of a number of leading organisations within the international student placement industry. He has a wide range of interests that vary from horticulture, personal fitness and travel. Daryl holds a Certificate in Business Analytics from Singapore Polytechnic, a M.Sc. (Operations Research) from Sheffield Hallam University, a B.Sc. (Honours) in Pure and Applied Mathematics from the University of Tasmania and is an associate member of the Australian Mathematical Society.
Jake Foster
Jake FosterChief Commercial Officer[email protected]
Based in Melbourne Australia, Jake started with AECC Global in 2019. Jake has over a decade of business and leadership experience he brings to AECC Global and has been a key driver or major innovation and organisational change projects at our company. He has a strong focus on using technology to improve the student experience and to enhance the way our team process student applications. In his previous roles Jake has established a range of teams and business operations in Australia and other countries in South East Asia and China. He thoroughly enjoys travelling and meeting new people from different cultural backgrounds. Jake holds a Bachelors Of Commerce (Commercial law major) from Deakin University.
Reginald Singh (Reggie)
Reginald Singh (Reggie)Director of Marketing Innovation[email protected]
Based in Melbourne, Australia, Reggie joined AECC Global in 2018. Reggie has over 18 years of experience working with Marketing Technology. Reggie has led and delivered numerous transformation projects that have blended marketing operations with technology development to drive innovative customer experiences in his current and previous roles. Reggie has touchpoints into all aspects of marketing as an end-to-end marketer, including content, creativity, campaigns, analytics and digital assets. He has been a key driver in establishing AECC Global's Digital Innovation Hub in Chennai, India.

Pesan dari Direktur Kami

Direktur kami, Sonu Agrawal, meyakini bahwa keberhasilan Anda adalah kesuksesan kami.
Itulah mengapa kami selalu bekerja keras dalam membangun reputasi dan memastikan semua proses berjalan dengan lancar.

Ketika Anda datang ke AECC Global, Anda akan mendapatkan arahan yang Anda butuhkan untuk membuat keputusan yang penting untuk masa depan Anda.

Sonu AgrawalFounder and Managing Director[email protected]
AECC Global didirikan dengan passion membantu pelajar internasional dalam mengakses pendidikan global. Founder dan Managing Director Sonu Agrawal dan seluruh anggota tim pernah menjadi seorang pelajar internasional.<br><br> AECC Global telah beroperasi selama 10 tahun di 42 kota dan 15 kota dengan lebih dari 500+ anggota tim yang bisa berkomunikasi dalam 21 bahasa.<br><br> Kami selalu berkomitmen untuk memberikan konseling secara etis dan kami bangga akan hal itu. Tim kami terdiri dari para expert yang tidak hanya membantu memberikan saran yang jujur dan netral dalam hal pendidikan dan migrasi, kami juga memberikan saran dan arahan untuk hal-hal penting yang Anda butuhkan ketika Anda tinggal di luar negeri nantinya.<br><br> Tujuan kami tidak hanya menempatkan pelajar di sebuah institusi pendidikan. Kami selalu berusaha untuk memberikan kontribusi nyata di dalam kesuksesan setiap pelajar internasional.<br><br> Kami bangga dengan pencapaian kami dalam membantu menempatkan pelajar internasional di berbagai universitas ternama di seluruh dunia dan kami mengundang Anda untuk menjadi kisah sukses kami selanjutnya.

Hubungi tim kami sekarang juga

Untuk menghubungi tim ahli kami, cukup tinggalkan detail Anda di bawah ini dan kami akan menghubungi Anda untuk konsultasi GRATIS.

Hubungi tim kami sekarang juga

Untuk menghubungi tim ahli kami, cukup tinggalkan detail Anda di bawah ini dan kami akan menghubungi Anda untuk konsultasi GRATIS.

Apa kata pelajar tentang kami

Jangan hanya percaya kepada kami, tapi dengar langsung dari pelajar yang sudah kami bantu

"I have been a client of AECC Global since 2010. From that time, they have been helping me for all visa and education related matters. I am very happy with their professional advice and friendly behaviour. So, I would like to recommend all to visit them for your migration pathway."
"I was looking for someone to help me with my visa situation and luckily a friend recommended me to AECC and its one recommendation I can’t thank enough. AECC Global assisted me from getting a letter of offer for my education, acquiring a student insurance coverage for my stay, and finally arranging my visa."
"AECC Global Indonesia has definitely been helping a lot with my children's application process. The counselor, Ms Yenny is very friendly and helpful in aiding my kids throughout all the necessary steps for their journey to study in Australia. I really recommended other people to get support from AECC Global Indonesia since it is more effective than doing everything on your own."
"AECC Global provided great assistance on my student visa application in Melbourne, Australia. They made sure that I was on the right track as I extended my visa and kept me updated on the application process. Additionally, the team has been very approachable and always there to answer all my queries."

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