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Best Universities in Canada for International Students


Are you searching for the best universities in Canada? Did you know that the reputed world-class universities in Canada have made it the most sought-after study destination?

Providing a home to over 1,50,000 international students with good research facilities, Canada satiates students' needs with bilingualism (2 official languages- English and French), post-masters work permit options, and the best quality of life.

Apart from these reasons, Universities offer scholarships in Canada to deserving students to fulfill their Canadian education dreams.

Canada is a contemporary country surrounded by picturesque sceneries and a healthy lifestyle.
From the sophisticated streets of Toronto to the Canadian Rockies' mountain peaks, the great white north features a diverse set of international students’ vacation destinations.

o help you decide better about the best universities in Canada, we have listed below the universities in Canada for international students.

Browse through to know more about the universities in Canada.

universities in canada

University of Fraser Valley

The University of Fraser Valley is located in a serene ambiance just east of British Columbia, Vancouver. One of this University's most outstanding achievements is that over 15,000 students worldwide enroll in this institution each year.

Along with two significant specializations in masters, Fraser Valley offers 19 bachelor's degrees in over 25 subject areas and more than 12 technology and trade programs.

Scholarships offered here,

  • International Excellence Entrance Scholarship
  • International Regional Entrance Scholarship
  • British Columbia High School Entrance Scholarship

Brock University

Situated in the pleasant Niagara region, Brock University is one of the best universities in Canada that offers the combined benefit of studying in traditional architecture with modern teaching methodologies.

Over 19,000 students across 100 countries enroll themselves in this University in Canada each year. The comprehensive academic programming with cutting-edge research technology has enabled Brock University to be one of Canada's most renowned universities.

Among all the universities in Canada, Brock University offers a paid work experience of 12 to 20 months. A student who graduates from this University can find employment in less than six months.

Scholarships to study here,

  • Emerging Market Entrance awards
  • International Curriculum awards
  • International Ambassador Award

University Canada West

The University of Canada West is located in the vibrant city of Vancouver. This University is renowned for its career-focused programs in a master's degree. The courses are offered online for international students.

The University's online programs provide you with a maximum level of flexibility, allowing you to fulfill your work while you study. For those who want to look at the best University in Canada, University Canada west is the best fit to develop and enhance skills.

According to the January 2020 data:

  • 100% of Graduates from the University of Canada west are employed within 6 Months.
  • 88% of Graduates have secured employment within three months.
  • 67% of Graduates have secured a job within one month.

Royal Roads University

Located in Canada's national historic site, Royal Roads University has 20+ years of excellence in offering quality education to students worldwide.

For international students aspiring to study at the universities in Canada, Royal Roads University provides over 20 specializations, including Disaster and Emergency Management, Human Security and Peacebuilding & Tourism Management.

Scholarships offered,

  • Royal Roads University Entrance Award/Bursary

 best universities in canada

Mount Saint Vincent University

Since 1873, Mount Saint Vincent University has been consistently nurturing international students' study abroad dreams by aiding multiple scholarships. Over 4300 students across 50 countries are pursuing higher education at Mount Saint Vincent University.

The University offers unique programs such as Master of Education (MEd), Arts in School Psychology (MA.SP), Master of Arts in Education (MAEd), and Inter-University Doctoral Program in Educational Studies (Ph.D.) by becoming one of the best universities in Canada.

Scholarships provided,

  • BMO Financial Group Endowed Graduate Scholarship
  • Graduate Entrance Scholarships
  • International Graduate Student Scholarship
  • Nova Scotia Research & Innovation Scholarship

Fairleigh Dickinson University

Fairleigh Dickinson University was established in 1942. In no time, the University has grown into one of the best and the largest private universities in Canada for international students. The course offerings range from masters to doctorate level with 100+ programs to enable students to pursue their desired courses.

As a result, over 11,000 students from 72 countries enrolled on the University's campuses in New Jersey and Vancouver, Canada.

With the ongoing trend and the modern education methodologies, Fairleigh Dickinson University proves its excellence in academics. Adding to this, Fairleigh Dickinson University strives to provide intercultural and ethical understandings to the international students among the best universities in Canada.

Scholarships offered here,

  • FDU International Graduate Scholarship
  • FDU Family Grant
  • J. Michael Adams (JMA) Global Education Scholarship

University of Toronto

The University of Toronto has many prestigious achievements. It is Canada's first academic publishing house and the first forest science faculty in the country.

The groundbreaking research in stem cell treatment, The Toronto School of literary criticism and communication theory, and many more academic programs have begun at the University of Toronto, making it one of the best universities in Canada for international students.

Medicine is the most popular and desired course at the University of Toronto. Apart from that, there are more than 700 undergraduate degrees and 200 postgraduate degrees offered.

Find your dream University in Canada and shortlist your favorite among the listed universities in Canada.

Witness the world of exemplary education and the best universities in Canada for international students.

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