UK Student Visa
Learn everything you need to know about UK Student Visa and get end to end
expert guidance from us.
UK Student Visa
Learn everything you need to know about UK Student Visa and get end to end expert guidance from us.

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UK Student Visa for Indonesian

Embarking on a journey to the United Kingdom as an Indonesian student may seem arduous; however, with the right guidance and knowledge of what is expected, the task can be made much simpler. This guide provides comprehensive insights into all that an Indonesian applicant must consider before submitting their UK student visa application. 

From accurately filling out any necessary forms and collecting the requisite documents to demonstrating financial stability and enrolling at a recognised institution, each step is essential. Additionally, familiarising oneself with language proficiency tests and health requirements and adhering to specified deadlines constitutes a holistic overview of what needs to be done in order for one's visa application to go through successfully. By utilising this information correctly, Indonesian students can confidently take their first steps toward studying in the United Kingdom.

UK Student Visa Latest News
As of 2023, the UK has been making consistent adjustments to its immigration policies to accommodate international students, especially amidst global changes. Recent news highlights:

  • The launch of the Graduate Route: This post-study work visa allows students to stay in the UK for two years after their studies to find work.
  • Point-based system: Introduced as a transparent means for applicants to understand their eligibility, focusing on skills, job offer status, and English proficiency.
  • Reduction in the IELTS requirement: Some universities now accept Medium of Instruction (MOI) certificates as proof of English proficiency, making it easier for students.



Types of UK Student Visa

Embarking on your educational journey in the United Kingdom necessitates navigating the intricacies of UK student visas. These visas are pivotal for international students planning to apply for a UK visa and study in this culturally rich nation. With a plethora of visa options catering to varying academic pursuits, comprehending the intricacies of how to get a visa in the UK is essential. This guide offers a comprehensive table elucidating the nuances of the student visa UK categories, ensuring that you're well-informed about the application process and equipped to select the right student visa that aligns with your ambitions. The following table breaks down the types of UK study visas available:

Type of Study Visas


Duration to Stay

Tier 4 (General) student

For students aged 16 or over

Duration of the course

Tier 4 (Child) student

For children aged between 4 and 17

Up to 6 years

Short-term study visa

For short courses, research, or training

Up to 6 months

How Much Does a UK Student Visa Cost From Indonesia?

The financial aspects of higher education in the United Kingdom hold immense importance for Indonesian students looking to broaden their horizons. An integral component of this consideration is comprehending the cost structure associated with obtaining a UK student visa. Prospective students keen to apply for a UK visa from Indonesia will find this information invaluable, as it sheds light on the financial obligations tied to their academic aspirations. Below is a table summarising the UK visa fees:

Type of Visas

Average Fee (in Euro)

Tier 4 (General) student

350 €

Tier 4 (Child) student

310 €

Short-term study visa

97 €


UK Student Visa Requirements

Embarking on a transformative academic journey in the United Kingdom hinges upon understanding and meeting the essential prerequisites outlined by the UK student visa requirements. Navigating these requirements is pivotal for international students aspiring to pursue their educational dreams in this esteemed destination, particularly those seeking to apply for a UK visa from Indonesia. These stipulations encompass a spectrum of criteria that must be satisfied to secure a student visa for the UK. 

  • A valid passport with at least one page that's blank on both sides.
  • Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) from a university approved by UK Visas and Immigration.
  • Proof of sufficient funds or sponsorships.
  • Tuberculosis test results, if applicable.
  • A reference letter from your previous educational institution.
  • Proof of parental or guardian consent if you're under 18.
  • Recent passport-sized color photographs.
  • Immigration Health Surcharge payment receipt.
  • Criminal record certificate.
  • Additional documents based on course type and age.

English Proficiency Tests for UK Student Visa

The path to a UK student visa from Indonesia involves adhering to a set of prerequisites that encompass various dimensions. Among these requirements, proving your English language proficiency stands as a crucial pillar. The process entails showcasing your adeptness in English through recognised proficiency tests. This guide illuminates the significance of these tests within the context of UK student visa requirements, catering specifically to Indonesian students. By outlining the essential role of English proficiency exams in the student visa application process, this resource equips aspiring scholars with the necessary insights to meet the stipulated criteria and embark on their educational journey to the United Kingdom with confidence.

Every student from Indonesia wishing to apply for a UK visa should meet a specific English skill level. Here are the requirements:

Level of study

English skill level


IELTS 5.5 – 6.5


IELTS 6.5 – 7.0

Research-based courses

IELTS 7.0 and above

Which Documents Are Required for UK Student Visa?

These documents serve as tangible proof of your eligibility, intent, and preparedness to study in the UK. This comprehensive guide not only elucidates the breadth of documents vital for a UK student visa application but also caters specifically to Indonesian students aiming to secure their student UK visa. By offering insights into the documentation process, this resource equips prospective scholars with the tools they need to navigate the intricacies of the UK student visa requirements, ensuring a smoother journey towards realising their academic aspirations in the UK.

Before you apply for a UK visa from Indonesia, ensure you have all the necessary documents. These include:

  • Valid Passport
  • Confirmation of Acceptance (CAS)
  • Financial proof
  • Tuberculosis test results
  • Passport-sized photos
  • Parental consent for minors
  • Criminal record certificate
  • Health surcharge payment receipt
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How to Apply for Your Student Visa Online?

When you're ready to apply for a UK visa, the online application offers convenience and efficiency. Start by creating an account on the UK student visa and immigration website, filling in the required details, uploading the necessary documents, paying the visa fee, and booking your appointment at a visa application centre in Indonesia.

How to Apply for a Student Visa for the UK in Indonesia?

Aspiring scholars from Indonesia seeking a student visa for the UK must possess a comprehensive understanding of how to initiate and successfully complete their application. This guide is intricately tailored to provide a clear roadmap for Indonesian students, offering detailed insights into the nuances of applying for a student visa for the UK while in Indonesia. By meticulously breaking down the process into manageable stages, this resource empowers prospective scholars with the knowledge and confidence required to embark on their educational journey in the UK seamlessly. Whether it's about comprehending the UK visa requirements, understanding the intricacies of a student UK visa, or learning how to apply for a UK visa from Indonesia, this guide ensures that aspiring students are well-prepared for the application process and can step into their academic endeavours with a strong foundation of understanding.

  • Obtain a CAS from your chosen university.
  • Gather all required documents.
  • Complete the online application form.
  • Pay the visa application fee.
  • Book a biometric appointment.
  • Attend the appointment and submit documents.
  • Await a decision on your visa application.


Processing Time for the UK Student Visa

Efficiently planning for your educational journey in the United Kingdom involves not only meeting visa requirements but also understanding the timeline for acquiring your student visa. The processing time for a UK student visa is a critical factor that international students, including those from Indonesia, should consider when embarking on this exciting endeavour. This guide, tailored to those seeking a student UK visa, delves into the intricacies of the processing time for a UK student visa, shedding light on the factors that influence the duration and providing prospective students with a comprehensive understanding of what to expect during this pivotal phase of their journey.


50% of Applications Finalised Within

75% of Applications Finalised Within

90% of Applications Finalised Within

Tier 4 (General)

3 weeks

5 weeks

7 weeks

Tier 4 (Child)

3 weeks

6 weeks

7 weeks

Short-term study visa

2 weeks

4 weeks

6 weeks

How to Write an SOP for a UK Student Visa?

Crafting a compelling Statement of Purpose (SOP) is a pivotal undertaking for international students aspiring to secure a UK student visa, especially for those from Indonesia or any other part of the world. Beyond being a mere piece of writing, an SOP presents a platform to illuminate your aspirations, academic background, and sincere intent to pursue studies in the United Kingdom. This comprehensive guide is exclusively tailored to provide indispensable insights and practical guidance on the meticulous art of composing an effective SOP for a UK student visa application. By addressing the intricacies of UK visa requirements, the process of applying for a UK visa from Indonesia, and the specific context of a UK study visa, this resource endeavours to empower prospective students with the expertise to articulate their academic journey. Mastering the SOP not only bolsters the prospects of obtaining a student visa but also enriches the trajectory toward an enriching educational sojourn in the UK.

A Statement of Purpose (SOP) is vital for your UK student visa application. Here's how to craft one:

  • Begin with a captivating introduction.
  • Detail your academic background and achievements.
  • Describe your career goals and how studying in the UK aligns with them.
  • Mention any relevant work or volunteer experiences.
  • Explain why you chose the particular course and university.
  • Conclude by expressing your future plans post-study.
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UK Student Visa Rejection

The journey to studying in the UK begins with a crucial step - obtaining a UK visa. While many succeed in this endeavour, some, unfortunately, face rejection. Delving into the common reasons for student visa rejections can help applicants better prepare and increase their chances of acceptance.

Why and when might a Student visa for the UK be rejected?

Visa applications might be rejected due to incomplete documentation, insufficient funds, or if the immigration department suspects the candidate is not a genuine student. It's pivotal to ensure all documents and information are accurately presented.

Renewal of UK Student Visa

Dreaming of extending your study to the scenic landscapes of the UK? Well, the renewal process for a student visa to study in the UK is quite straightforward. It involves reapplying with updated documents and, of course, a valid reason to continue your education in the country.

How is the renewal process done?

Applicants need to re-submit their documents, show academic progress, and have no breaches of their current visa conditions. It's always advisable to start the renewal process well before the current visa expires to ensure a seamless transition.

How Can AECC Help in Your Visa Application?

Embarking on the UK student visa application path can be intricate. AECC, with its wealth of experienced study-abroad counsellors, can be your beacon. We offer meticulous guidance at every stage, right from document verification to prepping for the interview. With AECC at your side, you not only elevate the quality of your application but also enhance your chances of success. When you ponder over how to apply for a UK visa from Indonesia, remember that AECC is here to simplify the process.

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Frequently asked questions

How long does the UK visa process take?

Typically, the UK student visa application process takes 3-4 weeks from Indonesia, but it can vary based on the application volume and individual circumstances.

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