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Best Data Science Master’s Courses in the UK that You Wish You’d Known Sooner


Data Science, in layman's terms, is a field of study that uses scientific techniques, processes and algorithms, to extract valuable information from unorganised and cluttered data and use that data across a wide range of applications and knowledge fields.

With the combined wisdom of mathematics, statistics, information science, programming and artificial intelligence, studying data science will teach you the science behind converting data into reliable and accurate information.

One of the most technologically advanced and highly-relevant fields of study, several data science courses have been formulated, making it one of the hottest careers in the world for aspiring students to pursue and excel in. 

Benefits of studying Data Science in the UK

The Harvard Business Review places Data Science as one of the most in-demand courses in recent times, pushing the demand for skilled professionals worldwide. Here are our top five reasons why data science would be the perfect choice for you if you're someone with strong analytical abilities.

1.Significance in Business Decisions

Finance may be the lifeblood of business, but it's data that holds the reins. From strategy to control, data is key to an organisation's functioning. In this digital age, information is wealth and courses like master's in data science give you the treasure map to help you learn and understand the intricacies of data science.

2.Rise in Job Opportunities

The US Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts that by 2026, there will be 11.5 million jobs in data science and analytics worldwide. For a course as futuristic yet elementary as data science, the supply of skilled professionals is still low, thus hiking the demand for data scientists across all industries.

3. Industry Relevance

Data science is how you interpret the data - which means no matter the industry or domain, your data interpretation skills would indisputably be valuable. From healthcare and finance to marketing and education - where there are consumers, there's always a need for reliable information to analyse and predict trends and consumer patterns.

4.Salary and Incentives

The average salary for data scientists in the UK has increased significantly in recent years, and presently a data scientist employed in the UK with decent experience has an earning capacity of up to £120,000 per annum.

Also, the UK is home to several reputed Big Data and AI firms, including Benevolent AI, DeepMind, and FiveAI, which have a constant demand for data scientists and machine learning specialists. 

5. Government Funding and Initiatives

One of the top reasons to study master's in data science in the UK is the government initiatives that have helped the sector flourish over the last decade. With investments of £45 million for higher education courses in AI, data science, and related disciplines, these government initiatives have given rise to multiple career opportunities across the globe, especially in the UK.

Best Data Science Master's Courses in the UK

Here are some of the most-preferred data science master's courses in the UK that offer great scope for international students to study abroad and meet their career aspirations.

Data Science Courses


Data and Decision Analytics

University of Southampton

Applied Social Data Science

The University of Exeter

Applied Data Science (Environment and Sustainability)

The University of Exeter

Applied Data Science and Modelling

The University of Exeter

Media, Data and Society

University of Liverpool

The Internet of Things with Data Analytics

Bournemouth University

Data Science and the Human Resource Management

University of Leeds

Finance and Data Analytics

University of Stirling

Applied Data Science and Computational Intelligence

Coventry University

Health Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Imperial College London

Best Universities in the UK for Data Science Courses 

1.Imperial College of London

Let's look at some of the best universities in the UK for data science and why you should apply to them to meet your academic objectives.

One of the best colleges for data science in London, Imperial College is also considered as one of the best universities for studying data science and related courses. But that's not the best part.

The university has partnered with popular ed-tech firms like Le Wagon to conduct workshops and data science boot camps for the students' benefit.

Core Modules:

  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Big Data
  • Deep Learning
  • Applied and Computational Statistics

Eligibility Criteria 


Minimum Score

Four-year bachelor’s or Integrated Master's

60 - 70%




The tuition fee for international students is £35,900 per academic year, and the admission process includes an online application followed by an interview.

2. Coventry University London

Ranked Top #30 in the World for International Students according to the QS World University Rankings, 2021, Coventry University London is one of the best UK universities for data science, statistical thinking, and machine learning.

But why Coventry, right?

Specializing in blended learning by ensuring a balance between hands-on, technology-dependent practical skills using modern software, and knowledge of specialist methods and algorithms, to understand the nuances of futuristic concepts like data ethics, data protection and communication.

Core Modules:

  • Programming and software development in Python and R
  • Data analytics, statistical modelling and programming
  • Data management systems for structured and unstructured data
  • Big data management and data visualization
  • Machine learning algorithms

Eligibility Criteria for Indonesian Students


Minimum Score

International Foundation Year (IFY)

Average of 7 in SMU 2 and 6.5 in SMU 3

International Year One (IY1)

Completion of SMU 3 with an average grade 7.0

Master's Qualifying Programme (MQP)


(For UG)

SMA 3 Graduating Certificate with IELTS or D1 with IELTS

7.5 and above with a minimum IELTS score of 5.5

D1 with an overall average of 70% (2.8 out of 4 GPA) with an IELTS of 6.0 or 5.5 minimum

(For top-up)

Undergraduate Degree HND in relevant field with a Merit profile

2.0/4 CGPA

(For PG)

Undergraduate Degree or S1 with IELTS

2.6/4 GPA or Successfully pass S1 with 2.6/4 GPA with an IELTS minimum of 6.5 overall

Fees and Admission Process

The tuition fee for international students is £18,250 per academic year and the admission process includes an online application followed by an interview. 

3. University of Stirling

This university is one of the top recommendations for those who want to pursue Msc Data Science in a UK university, because of the multidisciplinary course objectives that cater to a varied range of industries, including financial technology, marketing, health, sport, social statistics and research.

Here's more on why you should choose the University of Stirling for master's in data science:

Stirling has designed their data sciences with one core objective - to gear the students up for the best and top-notch career opportunities in the field, across a range of different sectors from robotics and healthcare to automotive and cyber security.

Core Modules

  • Business Analytics
  • Statistics with R
  • Representing and Manipulating Data
  • Machine Learning
  • Business Consulting

Eligibility Criteria for Indonesian Students


Minimum Score

For UG: Completing Foundation Year

Average of 7 in SMU 2 and 6.5 in SMU 3

For PG: S1

GPA of 3.0 or above

English Language Requirements

Meeting the minimum score stipulated for the course

Fees and Admission Process

The tuition fee for international students is £21,845 per academic year, and the admission process includes an online application followed by an interview.

4. University of Exeter

Fun fact: Vanessa Kirby graduated from Exeter y'all! Here's why you should apply to Exeter if you want to pursue MSc Data Science in a UK university.

  • One of the top 15 UK universities, 89% of its graduates start employment or further study post-graduation
  • Ranked 9th in the world for Ecology according to the Shanghai Rankings Global Ranking of Academic Subjects 2022
  • The university focuses on interdisciplinary solutions to better understand and integrate data science in environmental sustainability to address and create solutions for global issues like climate change, political instability, poverty and unemployment.

Core Modules

  • Foundational Concepts and Transdisciplinary Methods of Sustainability Science
  • Trends in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence
  • Tackling Sustainability Challenges using Data and Models

Eligibility Criteria for Indonesian Students

  • A-level or equivalent in Mathematics and/or quantitative skills training as part of their undergraduate programme.
  • Relevant professional experience.
  • IELTS - Overall score 6.5. No less than 6.0 in any section.
  • TOEFL - Overall score 90 with minimum scores of 21 for writing, 21 for listening, 22 for reading and 23 for speaking.

Fees and Admission Process

The tuition fee for international students is £23,000 for full-time per academic year, and the admission process includes an online application followed by an interview. 

5. University of Leeds

A part of the Russell Group of leading universities, the University of Leeds is one of the largest educational institutions in the UK with a diverse student population, from different backgrounds and ethnicities.

But why choose Leeds for pursuing a data Science course? Here's why:

  • With a world-leading on-campus research centre, Leeds is the perfect place for you to learn the latest developments in probability and financial mathematics, modern applied statistics, and analysis.
  • With a variety of optional modules like machine learning, programming, and GIS to choose from, you can tailor the course to your interests.
  • With blended learning methods, the university enables you to apply your acquired knowledge in real-world situations, thereby helping you gain practical exposure.

Core Modules

  • Data Science
  • Learning Skills through Case Studies
  • Dissertation in Data Science and Analytics
  • A range of optional modules from Information Visualization, Programming for Data Science, Data Mining and Text Analytics, Geographic Data Visualization & Analysis, Big Data and Consumer Analytics, etc.

Eligibility Criteria for Indonesian Students


Minimum Score

For PG: A bachelor’s degree containing a substantial mathematical, statistical and/or computing component. Provide a list of the type and level of maths/computing modules. 

First or high 2:1 (hons) 

English Language Requirements

IELTS 6.5 overall, with no less than 6.0 in all components

Fees and Admission Process:

The tuition fee for international students is £28,750 full-time and the application is to be made online.

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From data science to food science, we help you discover your interests, find your niche and ensure you meet your academic and career objectives. Get in touch with our counsellors at AECC if you feel that Data Science is your calling!


2. Is data science really in demand?

The US Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts that by 2026, there will be 11.5 million jobs in data science and analytics worldwide.

3. What are the eligibility requirements for a data science course?

Apart from the university-specific requirements, students should necessarily have a degree in one of the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM background).

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