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Unveiling Success: The Journey of Mr. I Made Agus Julianto at Lakehead University


Meet Mr. I Made Agus Julianto, an Indonesian student pursuing a Master of Science in Archaeological Sciences at Lakehead University. His journey at Lakehead has been nothing short of inspiring, filled with academic achievements, cultural enrichment, and personal growth. 

Here's how Lakehead benefited Mr Julianto and many other students who have similar, inspiring day-to-day experiences at the university:


Lakehead tops the list as one of Canada's most inclusive and international student-friendly universities. The university has a vibrant and inclusive student community, characterised by collaboration and inclusion, which enabled Mr. Julianto to feel a strong sense of belongingness.

Peer Learning:

The diverse and multi-faceted student community enables peer learning and cultural exchange, thereby facilitating knowledge sharing and understanding among students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. By broadening their perspectives and attuning them to different objectives, students experience a holistic education at Lakehead.

Research Ecosystem:

Research, Understand, and Develop—that's how the research routine is at Lakehead. Fueled by an inspired ecosystem of talented students and staff, Mr Julianto benefited greatly from cutting-edge facilities, particularly the Human Origins Lab, where he conducted his research project.

Student Community:

Mr Julianto was in for a pleasant surprise with the student community in Lakehead; never before had he experienced such a welcoming and supportive space for social interaction and engagement. He recalls the piping hot coffee, interactive games, and other activities that lent the International Student Centre a warmth and a vibe that made Mr Julianto feel at home in Lakehead.

Experiential Learning:

The focus on experiential learning is what propelled Mr Julianto to assist his professor with his research and thereby experiment with his own research ideas and complete his research project.

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