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Five Vital Reasons to Study Abroad in Melbourne, Australia


Summer or Spring, Autumn or Winter, Melbourne has the perfect instagrammable weather all year-round. The coastal capital city is all about good vibes and happiness, making its inhabitants enjoy basking in the sun just as much as they enjoy sipping hot cocoa during winter. Who wouldn't want to see Melbourne?

Consistently rated as one of the best student cities in the world, Melbourne is a thrilling mix of old and new, culture and clubs, making it rank high in the international student population. Home to top universities in the world, Melbourne is one of Australia's leading knowledge cities with many international companies setting up research and development operations.

Melbourne has so much more to offer and let's discuss why Melbourne would be an ideal fit for you! 

Why Choose Melbourne As Your Study-Abroad Destination?

So, why is Melbourne the destination du jour for international students? According to research Australia, Malaysia and the USA are the top destinations preferred by Indonesian students with over 16,000 students studying in Australia in 2022.

Famed for its food, culture, beaches and fashion, Melbourne always scores high in livability. Here are more reasons to study abroad in Melbourne, Australia:

1. World-Class Education

Home to some of the top universities, the city ranks 5th in the 2023 QS Best Student City Rankings. With world-class facilities, leading-edge research and infrastructure, and a well-researched course structure, universities in Melbourne are the ideal choice for international students.

Here are the top universities in Melbourne:

  • The University of Melbourne - Australia's second oldest university is ranked 34th in the world and 8th for graduate employability. The University of Melbourne is well-known for its research excellence and diversity making it one of the top choices for international students.
  • Monash University - Changing lives through research and education for nearly six decades, Monash is ranked #37 in Best Global Universities Rankings and #1 globally in Pharmacy and Pharmacology in the QS World Rankings 2022. With three international teaching locations, six campuses, and more than 100 partner universities, the university is one of the bests in Melbourne and Australia.
  • RMIT University - A world leader in Art and Design, Architecture, Education, Engineering, Development, Computer Science and Information Systems, Business and Management, and Communication and Media Studies, RMIT university is ranked 69th globally on international outlook and research facilities.
  • Deakin University - Known for its world-class facilities, teaching as well innovation and inclusiveness, Deakin university is a popular choice for international students for its student-focused culture and vast range of subject choices.
  • Swinburne University of Technology - Known for high-quality teaching and research on improving community and business with technology, Swinburne is one of the top universities in Australia and one of the top 300 universities worldwide.

2. Livability

  • Top-ranked for Healthcare, safety and world-class infrastructure, Melbourne truly is one of the most liveable cities in the world.
  • But that's not all - Melbourne's art and culture scene is something to be excited about with Moomba Festival, Melbourne Fashion Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival, Melbourne International Jazz Festival, Melbourne Comedy Festival and much more.
  • A diverse student population, happening streetscapes and vibrant culture further add to the city's charm and appeal, giving it a truly global feel.

3. Career Opportunities

  • A leading knowledge city, Melbourne is also the tech capital of Australia with more than 20 technology companies and over 2,000 start-ups with a growing need for skilled professionals.
  • Apart from technology, industries like tourism and events, sustainability and new energy, and professional services like finance, insurance and engineering also flourish in Melbourne providing ample opportunities for international students to establish a successful career abroad.
  • Most universities have links with multinational companies and industry partners paving the way for internship opportunities and networking at a global scale.

4. Student Support and Inclusivity

  • Universities in Melbourne offer excellent student support services including language learning services, housing, financial support and career counselling to help international students settle comfortably in the city and support their academic aspirations.
  • Popular universities including Monash University, RMIT University, Deakin University, Swinburne University of Technology, etc., have links with many corporates and other educational institutions to guide students with a career choice or further studies in Melbourne and abroad.
  • Did you know that Melbourne has people from 140 cultures living in the city? When it comes to inclusivity and minority-friendliness, Australia is one of the top choices and Melbourne takes the cake!
  • According to the Safe Cities Index, Melbourne is ranked 'very high' in terms of digital security, health security, infrastructure and personal security.

5. Art, Food and Entertainment

  • Coming to the best part y'all, it's the season to be jolly and Melbourne is one of the top choices because of its art and entertainment scene, whether you're in the mood for hot cocoa or a wild night out in the city or get lost in the dreamy cityscapes, Melbourne has something for everybody!
  • The city has a thriving classic and underground Arts setting with world-renowned exhibitions at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV) and the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) for cinema buffs.
  • The cultural capital of Australia is brimming with theatre performances, concerts and festivals. So take a tour of the majestic victorian buildings along the touristy high streets of Melbourne and you'll find that it's easy to lose oneself in the pulse of the city and have a fantastic time.

From its high streets to its universities, the city is a cosy mix of old-world charm and high fashion making it an unforgettable experience for globetrotters and inhabitants alike. 

Why Choose AECC?

Australia is one of AECC's top study destinations with over 50 partner universities and over 200 courses. With end-to-end educational consultancy, AECC provides all the support that you need - right from helping you decide on a course to assisting with drafting your SOP, our expert counsellors are with you throughout to make your study abroad dreams come true.

If a laid-back lifestyle and exciting world-class education in a diverse society excite you, then Melbourne is where you need to be! Get in touch with our counsellors right away for a memorable educational experience in Melbourne!


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