Scholarships in the USA
Learn everything you need to know about Scholarships in the USA
and get end to end expert guidance from us.
Scholarships in the USA
Learn everything you need to know about Scholarships in the USA and get end to end expert guidance from us.

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Scholarships in the USA for Indonesian Students

The USA is one destination that has seen generations of learners worldwide. One of the most consistently popular and multicultural destinations, the USA offers a plethora of educational opportunities across multiple course programmes and levels of study. 

If you’re an international student desirous of pursuing education and a career abroad, knowing the different scholarships in the USA would come in handy. We have put together a complete guide on the different scholarships available in the USA for international students, how to apply for scholarships, and eligibility requirements for the same.

Types of Scholarships in the USA

Scholarships significantly reduce the financial burden and the hassles of managing living expenses abroad. Scholarships in the USA, in the form of financial aid, are awarded to students based on their academic achievements, talents, skills, or specific characteristics. Here are some of the popular scholarship types in the USA. 

  • Merit-Based Scholarships: These scholarships are awarded based on academic excellence and outstanding achievements. Students with high grades, exceptional test scores, or remarkable achievements in extracurricular activities may be eligible for merit-based scholarships.
  • Need-Based Scholarships: Need-based scholarships are offered to students demonstrating significant financial need. These scholarships aim to support students from low-income backgrounds, ensuring that financial constraints do not hinder their academic goals.
  • Subject-Specific Scholarships: Some scholarships are designed to support students studying specific subjects or disciplines. These scholarships are often sponsored by institutions or organisations with the intent to promote education and research in particular fields.
  • University Scholarships: Universities in the USA sponsor their own scholarships to attract and retain talented students. These scholarships can be merit-based, need-based, or awarded for specific achievements and contributions to the university community.
  • Government-Funded Scholarships: The United States government provides various scholarship opportunities for both domestic and international students. These scholarships may be funded by government departments, foreign aid programs, or cultural exchange initiatives.
  • Research Scholarships: Research scholarships are targeted towards students pursuing research-based degrees, such as Ph.D. or MPhil programs. These scholarships support students conducting valuable research in their respective fields.
  • Private Organization Scholarships: Numerous private organisations, foundations, and companies provide scholarships for international students based on various criteria, including academic performance, leadership skills, community involvement, and more.

Fulbright Scholarship

The Fulbright Program is one of the most prestigious and well-known scholarship programs in the United States, with the goal of promoting mutual understanding and cultural exchange between the United States and other countries. Fulbright scholarships offer awards and funding to students, scholars, teachers, and professionals to study, teach and explore research opportunities in the USA. 

The Fulbright Commission in Indonesia (AMINEF) provides awards for a 10-month research project as a part of a master’s/PhD course in the USA for Indonesian students. 

Eligibility Criteria: 

  • Academic Excellence: The Fulbright Program emphasises academic excellence and encourages applicants who demonstrate a strong academic record, research background, or professional accomplishments.
  • Study Fields: Fulbright offers scholarships in a wide range of fields, including but not limited to arts and culture, social sciences, humanities, science and technology, business, and education.
  • Duration: The duration of Fulbright scholarships varies depending on the specific program and the applicant's objectives. Scholarships can last for a few months, up to one academic year or longer.
  • Funding: Fulbright scholarships provide financial support that typically covers tuition, airfare, a stipend for living expenses, and health insurance. 
  • Cultural Exchange: The Fulbright Program emphasises cultural exchange and encourages grantees to engage with local communities in the United States and share their own culture and experiences.
  • Application Process: The application process for Fulbright scholarships is highly competitive and involves several stages, including written applications, interviews, and language proficiency assessments.

Humphrey Fellowship Program

The Humphrey Fellowship Program is targeted towards international professionals with the potential to become global leaders, enabling socioeconomic development across multiple facets, including human rights and freedom, sustainable environmental practices and collective good. 

The program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State and aims to provide a non-degree, ten-month academic and professional experience in the United States.

Scholarship Award Amount:

The Humphrey Fellowship provides financial support to cover the following expenses:

  • Payment of tuition and fees at the assigned host university.
  • Pre-academic English language training (if required).
  • Living allowance to cover housing, meals, and incidental expenses.
  • Air travel to and from the U.S.
  • Professional Development allowance.
  • Health insurance coverage.

Eligibility criteria:

  • Hold a bachelor's degree or its equivalent.
  • Have a minimum of five years of substantial professional experience in their field after completing undergraduate education.
  • Demonstrate leadership potential and a commitment to public service.
  • Have the required TOEFL test scores

AAUW International Fellowship

The fellowship is designed for international women professionals pursuing full-time graduate or postdoctoral study in the USA with the intention to return to their home countries after completing the course. 

Scholarship amount: $20,000–$50,000

Eligibility criteria: 

  • An academic qualification that’s equivalent to a U.S. bachelor’s degree completed by November 15, 2022.
  • Be enrolled full-time in the proposed academic plan during the fellowship year.
  • Intend to return to their home country to pursue a professional career and upon completion of their studies.
  • Be proficient in English and confirm proficiency by submitting English Language Proficiency test score scores (TOEFL or IELTS).

ACI Foundation Scholarship

  • The scholarship is awarded to students worldwide enrolled in full-time undergraduate or graduate courses in structural design, materials, and construction in any host university in the USA/Canada
  • The fellowship is for a period of 10 to 12 weeks to be taken as an internship during the summer of 2024  

Scholarship benefits:

  • USD 10,000 educational stipend for tuition, residence, books, and materials
  • Opportunity to get recognised in Concrete International magazine and on the Foundation’s website
  • Paid travel expenses and attendance fees to two ACI conventions
  • Deadline: November 01, 2023

Rotary Peace Fellowship

The fellowship is offered to early-career candidates with a commitment towards peace and conflict resolution, who have the ability to undertake extensive reading and research, and who can participate actively within a diverse group of students. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • Graduates with a bachelor's degree and a strong commitment to gain a cross-cultural understanding and peace as shown through professional and academic achievements and personal or community service.
  • Compulsorily have three years of full-time experience in peace or development.
  • Ensure to have a gap of 3 years after your recent academic degree.
  • Deadline: May 15, 2023.

Fellowship benefits

  • Academic training and practical experience through self-designed, two to three-month field experience
  • Opportunity to interact with and gain a network of global network of academics, peace workers, and Rotary members

American University Emerging Global Leader Award

The American University EGL award is offered to high-achieving international students enrolling in full-time undergraduate courses in the US with the intention to return to their home country to apply their learnings to bring about peace and positive social change. 

The scholarship covers full tuition fees and accommodation expenses. 


  • For deserving international students from underrepresented social groups and diverse economic backgrounds.
  • Have a minimum GPA of 3.8 in higher secondary. 
  • Minimum English Language Proficiency score of 95+ TOEFL iBT/ 7.0+ IELTS/ 120+ Duolingo/Cambridge Assessment English score of 185.
  • Deadline - 15 January 2023.
How about contacting AECC’s counsellors to get details of scholarship application deadlines and everything else?

Government Scholarships to Study in the USA

The US government sponsors multiple study abroad scholarships and financial aid to high-performing international students from all over the world to create a favourable financial situation and help students make informed decisions to study in the USA. Look at some of the best government scholarships in the USA for international students:

  1. EducationUSA Opportunity Funds Program: The program is designed for international students who are awarded full financial aid from US universities but lack the financial means necessary to cover applying costs such as testing, application fees, or airfare.  The program enables cross-cultural learning and brings diversity to the university campuses. Since 2006, more than 100 colleges and universities have enrolled Opportunity Funds students.
  2. Community College Initiative Program (CCI):  The CCI program provides scholarships to international students to study in a community college in the USA for up to one year in any of the following courses such as, agriculture, applied engineering, business management and administration, early childhood education, information technology, media, public safety, and tourism and hospitality management. The program facilitates community engagement and professional internships to enable international students to gain English language proficiency and cultural integration. 
  3. Youth Exchange and Study (YES) Program: Funded by the US Department of State, the YES Program provides scholarships for high school students from countries with significant Muslim populations to spend an academic year in the USA. While on the program, participants get to live with American host families, attend high school, and engage in community service and civic education activities.
  4. Global Undergraduate Exchange Program (Global UGRAD): This program brings undergraduate students from various countries to the USA for a semester of non-degree academic study and cultural enrichment

Fully-funded Scholarships to Study in the USA

Fully-funded scholarships in the USA include sponsorships and scholarship awards to high-performing students from multiple countries who are passionate about studying in the USA. Here is the list of the popular scholarship options in the USA for international students. 

  • Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program: Fully-funded scholarship offered by Stanford University for graduate students from around the world. The program focuses on leadership development, mentorship, and interdisciplinary studies.
  • AAUW International Fellowships: Fully-funded fellowships for women from any country to pursue full-time graduate studies in the USA.
  • Chevening Scholarships: Funded by the UK government, these scholarships also include fully-funded opportunities for international students to study in the USA, as some Chevening partner universities are based in the United States.
  • Rotary Peace Fellowship: Fully-funded fellowship for professionals working in peace and conflict resolution, offered by Rotary International. The fellowship includes opportunities to study at Rotary Peace Centers, one of which is hosted by select universities in the USA.
  • MEXT Scholarship (Monbukagakusho Scholarship): Fully-funded scholarship offered by the Japanese government to international students for undergraduate, master's, or doctoral studies in various fields, including those offered at US universities.

Undergraduate Scholarships in the USA

The universities and government organisations in the USA sponsor several scholarships to enable international students across different levels to pursue bachelor's degrees in the USA. 

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Requirements

Award Amount (in USD)

ICSP Scholarships at the University of Oregon, USA

The International Cultural Service Program (ICSP) Scholarships at the University of Oregon is a unique initiative designed to promote cross-cultural understanding and provide financial assistance to outstanding international students. The program aims to bring together students from diverse backgrounds and create a culturally rich and vibrant campus environment.

Eligibility: Strong academic merit and commitment towards promoting international understanding and intercultural exchange

tuition-waiver scholarships of $9,000–$35,000 per year

Fairleigh Dickinson Scholarships for International Students

The university provides scholarships to high-achieving international students in the form of financial aid to cover tuition costs, room and board expenses, and other educational fees. The scholarship also provides opportunities for networking, mentorship, and participation in campus activities, thereby enhancing the overall educational experience.

Up to $27,000 per year for international undergraduates

American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship

The American University EGL award is offered to high-achieving international students enrolling in full-time undergraduate courses in the US with the intention to return to their home country to apply their learnings to bring about peace and positive social change.

Depends on the scholarship type and the sponsoring institution

Postgraduate Scholarships in the USA

There are multiple USA scholarships for international graduates to pursue master’s degrees in the USA. Here are some of the widely popular postgraduate scholarships in the USA for international students

Scholarship Name

Eligibility Requirements

Award Amount

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

Open to international students for graduate-level study in the USA


Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program

Mid-career professionals from eligible countries


Rotary Peace Fellowship

Individuals pursuing a master's degree in a related field

Full funding for the program

AAUW International Fellowships

Women pursuing full-time graduate or postgraduate studies


Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program

Students from developing countries pursuing a master's degree

Full tuition, living expenses, and more

Asian Cultural Council Fellowships and Grants

Graduate students from eligible countries looking to do research in the U.S. in arts and humanities.


MBA Scholarships in the USA

Pursuing an MBA in the USA can be financially demanding, but there are various scholarships available to support aspiring students. These MBA scholarships are offered by universities, private organisations, and foundations to recognise exceptional academic achievements, leadership qualities, and professional experiences.

Scholarship Name


Award Amount

LPDP Scholarships for MBA Studies

The Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP) offers scholarships to Indonesian students, including those pursuing MBA programs in the USA. LPDP scholarships cover tuition fees, living expenses, and other educational costs.

Depends on the course program and the institute chosen

Sampoerna Foundation Scholarships

For Indonesian citizens holding a bachelor's degree with a minimum GPA of 3.5


Stanford GSB Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowship

This fellowship provides financial aid for students from specific countries, including Indonesia, admitted to the Stanford Graduate School of Business MBA program

150,000 USD for 2 years

PhD Scholarships in the USA

PhD programs in the USA often come with funding opportunities in the form of scholarships, fellowships, or research assistantships. These awards aim to support outstanding doctoral candidates in their research and academic pursuits.

Scholarship Name


Fulbright Foreign Student Program

The Fulbright Program offers fully-funded scholarships for Indonesian students to pursue PhD research or doctoral degrees in various fields at U.S. universities. The scholarship covers tuition, living expenses, airfare, and health insurance.

LPDP Scholarships for Doctoral Studies

The Indonesian Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP) provides scholarships for Indonesian students pursuing doctoral studies, including PhD programs, at universities worldwide. This scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses, and research support

Indonesia Endowment Fund for Education (LPDP) - World-Class Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to exceptional Indonesian students who are pursuing doctoral degrees at top-ranked universities, including those in the USA. It offers financial support for tuition, living expenses, and research-related costs.

University of California, Berkeley, Scholarship for Indonesian Students

UC Berkeley offers scholarships and financial aid for exceptional Indonesian students enrolled in doctoral programs, including PhD studies.


How to Apply for Scholarships in the USA?

  • Check Eligibility Criteria: Carefully review the eligibility requirements for each scholarship. Pay attention to factors like academic achievements, financial need, citizenship status, or any other specific criteria and make sure you meet the basic qualifications before applying.
  • Prepare Documents: Gather all the necessary documents, including transcripts, standardised test scores, letters of recommendation, essays, and any other required materials. Ensure that your documents are up-to-date and well-organised.
  • Showcase Your Achievements: Highlight your academic achievements, extracurricular activities, leadership experiences, community involvement, and any other notable accomplishments in your application. 
  • Seek Guidance and Feedback: Seek advice and feedback from teachers, counsellors, mentors, or educational consultants while preparing your application. They can provide valuable insights and help you improve your application.
  • Write a Strong Personal StatementMost scholarship applications require a personal statement of purpose or essay. Use this opportunity to showcase your passion for your chosen field of study, your future goals, and how the scholarship will help you achieve them. Make sure your statement is well-written and authentic.
  • Apply Widely: Don't limit yourself to just a few scholarships. Apply to multiple scholarships that align with your qualifications and interests. Applying to several scholarships increases your chances of receiving financial aid.
  • Follow Instructions: Pay close attention to the application guidelines and ensure that you provide all the required information accurately and completely. Missing or incomplete information could lead to the rejection of your application.
  • Apply Early: Scholarships often have specific application deadlines. Start the application process early to avoid a last-minute rush and ensure that you submit your application on time.
  • Prepare for Interviews: Some scholarships may include an interview as part of the selection process. Be prepared to discuss your qualifications, aspirations, and how you will contribute to the scholarship program.

Eligibility Requirements for Scholarships in the USA

Eligibility requirements for scholarships in the USA for international students can vary depending on the specific scholarship program and the sponsoring institution. Here are some common eligibility criteria that apply to scholarships in the USA for international students

  • Academic Merit: Most scholarships require applicants to demonstrate strong academic performance. This may include achieving high grades in previous studies and meeting minimum academic requirements set by the scholarship provider.
  • Language Proficiency: Applicants may need to provide evidence of their English language proficiency through standardised tests like IELTS or TOEFL.
  • Course of Study: Ensure that your chosen course of study programme and level of study aligns with the scholarship's focus.
  • Level of Study: Scholarships can be available for undergraduate, postgraduate, or doctoral studies. Make sure you are eligible for the study abroad scholarships corresponding to your level of study.
  • Financial Need: Some scholarships are awarded based on financial need. Applicants may need to provide information about their family income and financial circumstances.
  • Leadership and Extracurricular Activities: Certain scholarships consider applicants' involvement in extracurricular activities, leadership roles, community service, or contributions to society.
  • Research Proposal: For research-focused scholarships, applicants may need to submit a research proposal outlining their intended research project and its potential impact.

USA University Scholarships

Here is the list of American universities that provide partial to fully funded scholarships in the USA for international students .





Duke University

Karsh International Scholars Program

This scholarship covers tuition, room and board, mandatory fees, and three summers of funding for research, unpaid internships, and other opportunities

For high-performing international students

Texas A&M University

International Education Fee scholarship

The scholarship covers the tuition fee for one semester

For Undergraduate or Graduate students enrolled in a full-time course and demonstrating a significant financial need

George J. Eppright ‘26 International Student

$3,000 scholarship

For undergraduate/graduate international students excelling in academics, leadership, and service during the course period

University of Maryland

UMD Education Abroad Scholarship

Varies with the course

Partial scholarships to international students enrolling in credit-bearing undergraduate courses

Gilman International Scholarship

$1,000 scholarship via the National Scholarship Office (NSO)

For international students participating in a study abroad program

The University of Illinois

OSFA Scholarships

Multiple scholarships

The university provides multiple scholarships for international students with demonstrated financial need

University of Kansas

International Merit


For high achieving international students with a minimum of 3.75-4.00 GPA

International Distinction


International Achievement


Northeastern University

International Scholars Award

Upto $28,000 annually

merit-based scholarship awarded to deserving international students

University of Colorado

CU Boulder Scholarships

Depending on the course

First-year and transfer students are automatically considered for scholarships based on the strength of their application

University of Utah

John and Marcia Price College of Engineering Merit Scholarships

Depending on the course

For all students enrolling in the College of Engineering

David Jorgensen Freshman Scholarship


To encourage high-performing engineering students to complete their degrees

COMPU Leaders Scholarship

$1,000 – $10,000

financial need-based scholarship with a duration of four years offered to deserving computer science students

Studying in the USA is not a pipedream anymore. With the right scholarships and budgeting, you can prepare to study in the USA in the upcoming intakes!  

To know more about the scholarships in the USA, connect with our counsellors at AECC and start applying for the right scholarships.  

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a full scholarship in the USA?

To increase your chances of getting a full scholarship in the USA, focus on maintaining a strong academic record, participating in extracurricular activities, showcasing leadership qualities, and actively seeking out scholarship opportunities. Research and apply to scholarships that align with your interests, field of study, and background. Writing compelling essays and securing strong letters of recommendation can also enhance your scholarship application.

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