Why Study in Malaysia?

Having been known as one of a spectacular tourist destinations, Malaysia is also revered for offering top-notch higher education for international students across the globe. When you consider studying in Malaysia, you witness kick-starting your higher education in Southeast Asia's most multicultural and vibrant environment. The country boasts of its impeccable education system and curriculum with top-ranked aviation, marketing, engineering, and nursing institutions year after year. One of the notable factors is that the Government retains young international talents by offering jobs in critical fields for students demonstrating academic excellence. 

Malaysia is constantly recognised as an education hub for international students. According to UNESCO ranks, Malaysia ranks among the top 20 preferred study destinations globally, accounting for 2% of the total international students population. When it comes to safety for students, the Government takes preventive measures to ensure international students across the country feel secure and stay peacefully at their off-campus accommodation in Malaysia. Considering this fact, Malaysia constantly stays in the top 25 safest countries year after year according to Global Peace Index.

5 Unavoidable Reasons to Study in Malaysia

  1. Over 120,000 international students are studying in Malaysia.
  2. Students from more than 130+ countries are studying in Malaysia.
  3. 10+ overseas branch campuses are in Malaysia.
  4. Unique twinning programs.



Education System in Malaysia for Indonesian Students

Like other study destinations, the Government has both public and private universities in Malaysia. With over 15 public universities and 550+ private universities in Malaysia, including UK, USA, and Ireland universities, Indonesian students in Malaysia have enormous options to choose from. The HIA (Higher Education Department) diligently monitors the curriculum and functioning of both public and private universities in Malaysia, making sure all the institutions align with the standards prescribed by the Ministry of Education.

In the past 2 decades, the Malaysian Government has taken enormous steps to improve the quality of education in Malaysia. The higher education quality is assured by the MQA - Malaysian Qualifications Agency, which is responsible for ensuring the quality, accreditation of courses in Malaysia and other allied functions for all higher educational institutions. Some of the primary regulations of the Malaysian Higher Education System are:

  • The Education Act 1996 (Act 550)
  • The National Council of Higher Education Act, 1996
  • The Private Higher Educational Institutions Act, 1996 (amended 2009)

As an Indonesian student, one can apply to study at any university in Malaysia, and all Indonesian students in Malaysia are permitted to work up to 20 hours per week while studying in Malaysia, helping them manage their day-to-day expenses.


study in malaysia
study in malaysia

How much does it cost to study in Malaysia?

Studying a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Malaysia can be budget-friendly for Indonesian students. When you prefer studying at one of the campuses of a UK university in Malaysia (over RM215,000), you get the same degree as studying in the UK with a reduced cost (over RM65,000). It clearly states that Indonesian students in Malaysia can save a considerable amount on their tuition fees.

The two standard twinning programmes in Malaysia are 2+1 programmes (undergraduate degree) and 2+2 programmes (2 years overseas and 2 years in Malaysia). Though the cost of these programmes is higher than the usual programmes, many Indonesian students in Malaysia choose these programmes to get exposed to top-notch research centres.

Estimated Cost
Tuition fees
RM50,000 for a 3 years course
Basic living expenses
RM54,000 for 3 years
Other cost


Total tuition fees and living expenses
Over RM140,000 for 3 years
Master of Business Administration
RM 25,000 to 36,000 per course
Accommodation Cost
RM 300 to RM 600 / month

Student Visa to Study in Malaysia

Indonesian students who wish to study in Malaysia must apply for a valid Malaysian student visa or student pass. As soon as receiving the acceptance letter from a university or an educational institution, students can apply for a Malaysia student visa in two ways:

  • Students can apply via the EMGS - Education Malaysia Global Services
  • Students can apply via the university.

Applying for a Malaysian student visa is a seamless process. From applying for visas to submitting documents and receiving the visa, the entire Malaysia student visa application process ends within 4 to 6 weeks.

Indonesian students applying to public or private education institutions can choose a Malaysian student visa that's valid for the entire course duration (with respect to passport validity). On the other hand, the general Malaysian student visa (short-term courses) is valid for 12 months, and it has to be renewed a month before its expiry date.

study in malaysia
study in malaysia

Health Insurance for Indonesian Students in Malaysia

Indonesian students must possess a valid Malaysia health insurance coverage throughout the course tenure to study higher education in Malaysia. The MOHE (Ministry of Higher Education) mandates Malaysian health insurance as a prerequisite for the Malaysian student visa process.

The Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) requires all Indonesian students in Malaysia to have a valid medical insurance policy throughout their study period in Malaysia. It is advisable to get in touch with our counsellors to know about all available health insurance in Malaysia before planning to study at any of the Malaysian universities. There are 2 types of health insurance in Malaysia such as public and private health covers. Indonesian students in Malaysia are advised to take up private health insurance to avoid spending money at private hospitals for consultation or physical ailments.

Best Places to Study in Malaysia

The diverse cultural population in this nation allows Indonesian students in Malaysia to understand other cultures, food habits and lifestyles. Considering the fact that Malaysia is one of the popular tourist destinations in the world, students can experience the scenic beauty of popular cities and spend their leisure time in tourists spots, malls & other entertainment hubs. Besides, many universities in Malaysia are situated right in the middle of the city, catering to the everyday needs of Indonesian students in Malaysia.

  • Kuala Lumpur
  • Georgetown, Penang
  • Johor Bahru
  • Malaysian Borneo
  • Selangor
study in malaysia
study in malaysia

Popular Courses to Study in Malaysia

  1. Cyber Security
  2. Data Science or Data Analytics
  3. Artificial Intelligence (Ai) or Intelligent Systems
  4. Robotics
  5. Civil Engineering
  6. Petroleum Engineering
  7. Chemical Engineering
  8. Medicine, Dentistry & Healthcare
  9. Culinary Arts and Baking
  10. Biomedical Science.

Our Partner Institutions in Malaysia

  • Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC)
  • Heriot-Watt University Malaysia
  • APU Malaysia (Asia Pacific University of Technology & Innovation Malaysia)
  • Monash Malaysia
  • Swinburne Malaysia (Sarawak)
  • Curtin Malaysia (Sarawak)
  • INTI University College
  • University of Nottingham Malaysia
  • University of Southampton Malaysia

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Speak with our experts

To get in touch with our expert team, simply leave your details below and we’ll call you for a FREE consultation.

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