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Listen up, folks! Here’s the Much-Awaited List of the Top 10 Job-Oriented Courses in the USA!


From infrastructure, healthcare and education to glamour, entertainment, and fashion, the USA has it all and gives it all to those seeking them. You can become anyone you want to be in the USA if you have the skills to support your drive and a little chutzpah to make a place for yourself!

The US job market is competitive and challenging but it is also inclusive and appreciative of talent. And contrary to popular notions, it's not difficult to do a job-oriented course in the USA. Here, we'll discuss the top 10 short-term as well as longer job-oriented courses to help you decide on the right course based on your skill sets, helping you prepare you for a rewarding career abroad. 

Top 10 Job-Oriented Courses in the USA

Check out this list to see what's hot in the US job market for international students and gear you up for the upcoming intakes in some of the best universities in the USA.

1. Courses in Financial Management

Finance is one field of study that serves as the backbone of a country's economy, and the USA happens to be one of the best places to do a bachelor's/master's/diploma course in financial management for the following reasons:

  • Cutting-edge courses, networking opportunities, internships and job prospects make it ideal for acquiring both beginner and advanced-level knowledge in finance and related topics, such as accounting, management, research, stock market, fintech, etc.
  • Practical exposure through internship opportunities and job opportunities in mainstream corporates, start-ups and banks help further career growth.
  • Popular career choices - Financial planner, Financial Auditor, Financial Planning Analyst, Account manager, and Equity Research Analyst.

2. Digital Marketing

Ideally a 3-year course, pursuing a bachelor's course in digital marketing would educate you on the important concepts of marketing as well as the relevance of marketing in the digital world.

Here's why you should do a digital marketing course in the US:

  • Digital marketing courses are booming globally with a 95 percent employment rate. The digital marketing sector in the USA is expected to grow at 6% annually by 2029.
  • With a wide range of opportunities in research and analytics across all industries and sectors, studying a digital marketing course in the US opens multiple doors for career opportunities across all industry types globally.
  • Popular career choices - Digital Marketing Manager, Social Media Manager, Online Content Developer, Business Analytics Specialist, Brand Manager, and Search Engine Optimisation Specialist.

3. Wealth Management

The more, the merrier. Friends, wealth and kindness, the more there is, the more they need managing, right? Wealth, given its importance to the individual and the economy, needs to be managed in the right way to make it sustainable and beneficial in the long run.

Why do a wealth management course in the USA?

  • Understanding wealth management entails understanding the key financial concepts crucial to managing and increasing the client's net worth. The USA is one of the best countries to study wealth management because of its robust financial sector and multiple career pathways in finance and stock markets which make it one of the best job-oriented courses to do in the USA.
  • The USA is home to corporate giants in the industry - from bustling Wall Street firms to some of the largest wealth management firms like Black Rock and Morgan Stanley Wealth, providing ample opportunities for budding professionals to explore and gain proficiency in their chosen fields.
  • Popular career choices - Fund Manager, Financial Consultant, Investment Manager, Financial Planner, and Wealth Manager. 

4. Health Science

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, the requirement of medical and health service managers in the USA is projected to grow up to 28 per cent from 2021 to 2031, making health sciences one the most beneficial fields of higher study for interested students.

Why choose the USA for pursuing health sciences?

  • Healthcare in the USA is one of the best in the world, with robust infrastructure and research facilities to facilitate development across all fields of medicine, including nursing, physiotherapy, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, nutrition & dietetics, complementary & alternative medicine, midwifery, physiology, immunology, etc.
  • Doing a bachelor course in health science prepares you with the necessary skills to have a positive impact on the quality of health services available to a growing population. From something relatively less critical like a paper cut to serious conditions requiring emergency care, doing a course in health sciences makes you indispensable irrespective of your career choice.
  • Popular career choices - Nurse, Medical Assistant, Lab Technician, Optician, Radiation Therapist, Caretaker, Veterinary Technician, etc. 

5. Data Science

One of the most technologically advanced and highly-relevant fields of study, several data science courses have been formulated by the universities in the USA, making it one of the best courses in the USA for international students to pursue and excel in.

Best reasons to do a Data Science course in the USA:

  • The US Bureau of Labour Statistics predicts that by 2026, there will be 11.5 million jobs in data science and analytics worldwide. For a course as futuristic yet elementary as data science, the supply of skilled professionals is still low, thus hiking the demand for data scientists across all industries.
  • The average salary for data scientists in the USA has increased significantly in recent years, and presently a data scientist employed in the USA with decent experience has an earning capacity of up to $1,21,289 per annum.
  • Also, the USA is home to several reputed Big Data and AI firms, including IBM, Wipro, Cloudera, and Oracle America which have a constant demand for data scientists and machine-learning specialists. 

6. Project Management

To plan, strategise, implement, and monitor a project from start to end requires specialisation. American universities offer advanced courses to help students gain expert knowledge in all aspects related to project management.

Here's more on Project Management courses in the USA:

  • The Project Management Institute (PMI) predicts 22 million new project management job openings through 2027, with earning capacity of up to $150,000, making it one of the highest-salary jobs in the USA.
  • Problem-solving, cost-benefit analysis, risk assessment and management are all skills that are in demand across all types of industries, and the universities in the USA have specialised courses to help students gain expertise by doing 2 to 3-year degree programs in full-time, part-time, and hybrid modes.
  • With the right skills and training, you can have a rewarding career in Project Management, globally and particularly in the USA, since it is one of the 3 countries, along with India and China sharing the highest demand for Project Managers. 

7. Design and Optimisation

Design Optimisation has garnered more importance in recent years, owing to the specialisation it offers in concepts like effective engineering modelling based on numerical tools and design systems - and any technique that provides a blueprint to perfection is where the money ought to be!

Let's get to why you should pursue Design and Optimisation in the USA:

  • A short-term course or a professional degree in design engineering in the USA would significantly enhance your academic and career prospects in the industry globally, with the USA having world-leading infrastructure and internship prospects to help enhance your employability.
  • Design Optimisation requires a combination of judgement, experience, modelling, engineering tools and complex algorithms, and doing a short-term course in the USA helps you gain expertise on engineering simulations and iterative structural designs to ensure maximum efficiency of systems and processes.
  • The USA is one of the best destinations for design engineering because it is one of the highest-paid jobs in the USA, with an average salary ranging between $130,000-$200,000 for computer and IT engineers. 

8. Data Analytics and Business Intelligence (BI)

With cutting-edge research facilities and blended learning methods, the USA is one of the top five countries to study Data Analytics and Business Intelligence.

Here's why pursuing a Data Analytics and Business Intelligence course in the USA would be your best decision ever:

  • The US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) has reported a 16% growth in business analytics jobs by 2024, with over 210 popular universities offering Data Analytics and Business Intelligence courses in the USA.
  • There's a growing need for data analysts and business intelligence professionals globally across industries because a master's in Data Analytics and BI would make you well-versed in hot and coveted skills such as advanced data analysis, decision-making and management.
  • Popular career choices - Business Analyst, Senior Data Analyst, Program Analyst, BI Consultant, and Management Analyst. 

9. Biomedical Engineering

According to statistical predictions, employment in biomedical engineering will expand up to 20,500 in the USA by 2028. Around 19,800 engineers work in the healthcare industry, industrial applications, agricultural departments, and environmental biotechnology in the USA, making it one of the largest employers of biomedical professionals in the world.

Doing biomedical engineering in the USA is worth it because:

  • A master's in biomedical engineering here gives you an in-depth understanding of the engineering principles related to medicine and biology. This bridges the gap between engineering and medicine by combining the technical and problem-solving skills of engineering with medical and biological sciences to improve healthcare diagnosis and therapy.
  • Universities in the USA are ideal for biomedicine because they offer multiple courses across the various sub-disciplines in biomedical engineering, ensuring proficiency in the chosen discipline with the suitable level of knowledge required for completing the course.
  • Popular career choices - Bioinformatics Scientist, Bioinformatics Technicians, Naval Architect, Food Processing Engineer, Marine Engineer, and Agricultural Engineer.

10. Management Courses

Management skills are essential for any career, irrespective of the field of study or level of knowledge and doing a course in management at the best universities in the USA would amplify your career prospects and professional development through accredited programs, work-based learning and industry partnerships. 

Here's why you should take a management course in the USA:

  • Interpersonal skills, decision-making, entrepreneurial skills, analytics, critical thinking, problem-solving, dispute resolution, networking - doing a management course equips you with all these necessary skills, making it one of the best job-oriented courses in the USA.
  • Global Financial Centre Index ranks the USA as the most competitive financial centre in the world, making it a lucrative study-abroad destination for aspiring management professionals.
  • Also, the country is one of the top employers in the world for MBA graduates across multiple fields, thus pushing the demand for the course and skilled professionals worldwide.
  • Popular career choices - Project Manager, Business Development Manager, Product Manager, Marketing Manager, Analytics Manager, and Information Security Manager

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