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Top PTE Accepting Universities in Australia


The Pearson Test of English (PTE) is one of the most popular English Proficiency tests that evaluate English speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills in a single, short test. Available both in physical and online mode, the PTE test is frequently-conducted, time-saving and widely accepted, making it one of the top English Language Proficiency indicators across Australia and many other countries.

As popular as IELTS and TOEFL are, PTE tests are equally favoured by universities worldwide, given their efficiency in grading and assessment of English understanding and comprehension. Let's discuss the test syllabus, exam preparation tips, score requirements and the top PTE-accepting universities in Australia. 

PTE Accepting Universities in Australia

Here are the top  PTE accepting universities in Australia: 

Monash University:

  • Changing lives through research and education for nearly six decades, Monash is ranked #37 in Best Global Universities Rankings.
  • With three international teaching locations, six campuses, and more than 100 partner universities, the university is one of the best in Melbourne and Australia.
  • A minimum PTE overall score of 58 and PTE communicative skills score of 50 are musts. 

The University of Wollongong:

  • Known globally for its research, the university is ranked #185 in 2023 QS World University Rankings and is ranked in the top 200 for Graduate Employability.
  • With 9 campuses across Australia, the university believes in and stands for intellectual openness, empowerment and academic freedom, mutual respect and diversity.

Minimum PTE overall score of 42-76 is required, depending on the course requirements. 

The University of Queensland:

  • Ranked #36 in Best Global Universities Rankings by U.S. News & World Report, the university is among the top 50 universities according to the 2023 QS World Rankings.
  • Offers multiple degree programmes in humanities, business, economics and science that are accredited and recognized globally.
  • You'll need a minimum PTE overall score of 64 for minimum entry programmes and 64-82 for higher than minimum entry programmes. 

The University of Adelaide:

  • Ranked #109 in 2023 QS World University Rankings, the university is ranked #1 in South Australia for Graduate Employability.
  • A member of the Group of Eight universities in Australia, the university is well-known for its world-class educational and research activities, minority inclusion and community support.
  • Minimum PTE overall score of 58 with score of 50 in all bands is a must.

The University of Sydney:

  • The first and the oldest university in Australia, the University of Sydney has a rich history spanning over 2 centuries in education and academia. A prestigious Group of Eight institution, the University is ranked #41 in the 2023 QS World University Rankings.
  • It is one of the best universities in Australia to specialise in Computer Science, Engineering, Health, Social Science and Humanities.
  • Minimum PTE overall score of 42 is required.

Adelaide Institute of Higher Education: 

  • Adelaide Institute of Higher Education (AIHE), is a leading provider of quality and specialized Bachelor and Master level degrees to domestic and international students.
  • The institute specialises in superior student support and considered one of the best higher education institutions in Australia for an engaging study experience.
  • You'll need a minimum PTE overall score of 50 (with no skill score < 42) for undergraduate programmes and for postgraduate programmes. 

Charles Darwin University:

  • The Good Universities Guide 2023 ranks Charles Darwin University #4th university in Australia for full-time employment for undergraduate students.
  • Owing to its high educational standards, multicultural environment and bold lifestyle, the university is an ideal choice for international students.
  • You'll need a minimum PTE overall score of 51 for undergraduate programmes and postgraduate programmes. 

Curtin University:

  • Known for it's high-impact research, strong industry partnerships and commitment to assisting students meet their academic goals.
  • The university offers a wide range of accredited and internationally recognized courses in a supportive, student-focused learning environment.
  • You'll need a minimum PTE overall score of 51 for undergraduate programmes and postgraduate programmes with no band less than 50. 

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